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April 20

On Saturday, Kat and I had our first anniversary. Whoa, a full year has passed since we first met… it blows my mind when I think about it because so much has happened in such short period of time that I often feel like we have been together for ages. It reminds me of what Joshua Foer wrote in Moonwalking with Einstein: “Monotony collapses time; novelty unfolds it.”

Anyway, Saturday was a fantastic day with blue skies so I cycled all the way to Sort Kaffe og Vinyl in Vesterbro to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun and then decided to drop by Sound Station to soak up some of that joyful atmosphere they always create on Record Store Day. They really do make an effort to make everyone feel welcome. I had promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything but as soon as I started browsing through the shop’s wonderful stock of vinyls, I knew I was going to have a hard time living up to the vow of restraint I had naively taken.

Things started slowly, bagging just a couple of records: Groundhogs’ “Who Will Save The World?” (which I wanted mostly for the cover artwork) and The Band’s “The Last Waltz”, which I thought would make for a great anniversary present considering it’s one of Kat’s favourite records. I kept on looking and I kept finding stuff I liked: Spiritualized’s “Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re Floating In Space” and Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”; nothing particularly special about them, they are just records I really enjoy. At this point, I was kind of ready to leave but on my way to the counter I spotted two girls in the shop, one holding a copy of the “Singles” soundtrack and the other one with a Screaming Trees record… I knew right away there was a section of the shop I was missing. I went back to the entrance and looked around. There it was, an entire “Alternative and Heavy” selection of records I hadn’t checked when I arrived.

In hindsight, I should have walked away from it but I just couldn’t, I had to see what they had. That’s when things got a bit out of control: Soundgarden’s “Louder Than Live” white label promo, “The Day I Tried To Live” 12″ etched vinyl, and “Jesus Christ Pose” special edition 4-track etched vinyl; Iron Maiden’s “Live After Dead” (Dutch version with inner sleeves and a booklet full of my friend Ross Halfin’s photos), “The Number of the Beast” and “A Real Dead One” label promo on clear vinyl; AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” and “The Razor’s Edge”; Slinth’s “Spiderland” and The Kink’s greatest hits, which I eventually got for free courtesy of the shop.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.20.07

In the end, I took home THIRTEEN records! Fucking ridiculous. I cycled home holding to full bags of vinyl hanging from my bike’s handlebar, with a big smile on my face and the wind blowing in my hair (and the bags), making my ride home slightly harder than usual. Shortly after I got home, Kat arrived with our new dining table (a red, round piece from the 60’s) and we went for a walk around Bispebjerg Kirkegård to see the cherry trees and their famous blossoms, which are probably a local trending topic on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.19.51

I hadn’t seen them before and I have to say, the view is stunning. We got a couple of random people to take a picture of us standing under the trees, both with my phone and our Instax mini camera, and much to my surprise, the results were quite nice. We went back home, listened to some of our new records and left the house again around 5pm to go to Taller, a new restaurant in town with a menu inspired by Venezuelan gastronomy and flavours. We were a bit skeptical at first but once we finished, both Kat and I agreed it was probably one of the nicest dinners we have ever had together.

The Venezuelan influence was clearly reflected in the majority of the dishes we tried (especially the mini arepas, the guasacaca and the dessert) and the wine they paired with our 4-course menu couldn’t have been better. On top of that, the service was impeccable. We’re definitely coming back once they change the menu, we had an outstanding experience.

On Sunday, we went with Monika to Louisiana Museum to check the Richard Mosse exhibition, and to enjoy the weather. I had never been to Louisiana before and I was blown away by its beauty. It’s was so quiet and green, with a wonderful garden overlooking the sea. I don’t know why I hadn’t visited before but I will do my best to come back often, it really is an amazing place. We went through the permanent exhibitions, including the Gleaming Lights installation by Yayoi Kusama, and ended up with the Richard Mosse exhibition, which was terrific. Those photos really strike you when you see them in all their glory. Strangely beautiful considering the dark subject that inspired them.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.19.22

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.19.37

We ended the day at home, drinking wine and watching the EELS concert at the Royal Albert Hall, a film I had been wanting to see since I heard it was going to be released.

A great time was had by all.

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April 1

Busy times. Here are the last couple of weeks in review:

I got a new bicycle. Since I got my bike stolen last year, I had been trying to find a dutch-style bicycle with both front and rear hand breaks instead of pedal breaks, which I really hate. I tried every bike shop I could find but they never had what I was looking for until my friend Chris suggested me to try Hr. Velo, a local bikeshop in Frederiksberg that specializes in classic bicycles and special-bulids.

I knew their bikes were going to be more expensive but after a quick visit to their workshop, I realized it was going to be well worth the investment: Friendly staff, plenty of options and helpful advice, all coming together to assist me in the process of choosing the right parts for my shiny new bike, which they put together in less than 3 days. Flawless service.

I passed my first Danish test. Nearly three months after I started taking classes, I took a mandatory test at my language school, which I had to pass to move on to the next module. It only took 10 minutes and, although it was quite simple (5 minutes of conversation about my work and 5 minutes asking questions to my teacher about the characters in a picture from my Danish book), I’m still quite thrilled to have passed.

Just three months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to put together a simple sentence, now I can read a basic text and have a better understanding of what is being said around me. I’m far from being fluent and I still miss 90% of the conversations I hear, but I’m starting to recognize words that I was oblivious to before, and now have a vague idea of what people are talking about. I still have a long way to go but I’m moving forward.

I found an original 1994 copy of “Superunknown”. Last weekend, Kat and I went into a small record shop in Nørrebro, just to see what they had, and as it turns out, hidden somewhere between dozens of second-hand records, there was a 1994 US first pressing of Soundgarden’s “Superunknown” on orange vinyl, in excellent condition after almost 20 years. I texted my friend Ross to asked him if it was worth paying 72$ for it and he texted back saying that if it was an actual first pressing in coloured vinyl, it was definitely a bargain. So I just went ahead and bought it. I’m pretty happy I did.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 13.56.27

Kat and I mixed our books. Some people say this is the ultimate display of affection, even more powerful than marriage. Truth is, we didn’t think about it too much, we just thought organizing our books by colour would be a good idea and decided to go ahead with it. We set our turntable, opened a bottle of champagne and went through all of our books, building colourful piles around us while we listened to a bunch of records we had bought that same afternoon.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 13.57.06

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 13.56.52

We enjoyed it but it was harder than we expected; after sorting them out by colour, we realized we had to organize them by shades and then figure out how the letters on the spines of the books fit within that system. It also became evident that we have too many beige books (boring) and that we need more yellow and green in our collection. So far, we’re pretty happy with the result but let’s see how we like this idea when we want to locate a book and take us ages to find it.

I was reunited with my copy of Led Zeppelin II. When I moved to Copenhagen a couple of years ago, I had to leave some of my stuff behind and asked my ex-housemates to keep them safe for me until I could pick them up. Amongst those items was a Mexican edition of “Led Zeppelin II” (my favourite Led Zep record) on red vinyl that Jimmy Page got me as a present three years ago, at the Reading Record Fair, during an Easter break. I wrote about it here, in case you’re interested in the full story.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 13.56.04

Yesterday, my friend Latifa arrived from London to spend a few days with us and brought back my record, along with bags of chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, a chocolate bunny and long lasting Ibuprofen tablets. Isn’t she wonderful? I like her a lot and we’re very good friends, which is why I’m really looking forward to have her over. It makes me realize how much I miss my friends and how happy it makes me to see them.

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March 19

A lot has happened yesterday. GOOD STUFF. Some of it I can’t share, but for now, all I can say now is that I had 2 burgers at Tommy’s yesterday, got tickets to Northside, and now have a brand new turntable and a pair of 180W speakers sitting in our living room, waiting to be installed. Things are good and the sun is out…

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February 2

I have been having trouble sleeping lately, waking up three and four times during the night, for no reason at all. I just can’t seem to be able to get deep, uninterrupted sleep and it’s really pissing me off.

* * * *

Last Friday, Kat and I went on a date and had dinner at Lille Bror, a nice restaurant in the city centre. We had a lovely 3-course menu and a glass of wine, then went for a drink at The Living Room and then met with Carlos and Marisa in Balderdash and Strøm, before going back home around midnight.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.27.51

On Saturday, I went to pick up at the framing shop a couple of posters I got from my Mexican friend, Javier,; he bought them in a Lucha Libre match a year ago and sent them back to me with Klara, a girl who used to work at my favourite coffee shop here in Copenhagen, who had stayed with Javier during her visit to Mexico City. They look fantastic. I also went record shopping at Sound Station and got “Magical Mystery Tour” and “Help”, my first The Beatles vinyls, which I played as soon as I got home.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.28.12

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.28.02

On Sunday, Kat and went to check out a flea market in Nørrebro, had Turkish food for lunch, then went to Torverhallerne for coffee and then back home to hide from the cold. We somehow ended up watching an entire episode of “Ex on the Beach,” a reality show in which a group of British chavs (muscular guys and hottish girls, all sprayed tan and with terrible tattooes) hang out on the beach and anxiously await for their exes to randomly come out of the sea, usually bringing some sort of drama. It was hilarious.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.28.41

Taylor and I have a great taste for t-shirts…

We also kept watching “Banshee”, a series Kat recommended after a failed attempt to get me into “True Blood.” In case you haven’t heard of it, the series is about a thief that becomes the sheriff of a small town in the middle of nowhere (not gonna tell you how he does that, in case you want to see it) and spends his days fighting bad guys, fucking women, and trying to get his old girlfriend back. Despite the crap opening titles sequence, I really like it; it’s nicely directed, it’s exciting AND there’s plenty of exposed breasts. In fact, for a small town, Banshee has an impressive number of hot women, the greatest of all being a rebel girl named Rebecca, a character played by Lili Simmons, for whom I seem to have developed a massive crush.

If you don’t know her, Google her up. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

* * * *

Just got tickets to see Rom Zombie at VEGA in June. The ticket was reasonably priced and after seeing him played Roskilde last year, I’m really looking forward to see him in Copenhagen’s greatest music venue. Just watch this and you will get an idea…

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September 25

Feeling a bit frustrated today, it’s hard to get things done when most of it depend on other people. For a long time, I have been thinking about learning a craft, something that enables me to make something without anyone’s help, just by myself, but I really haven’t gotten around that yet; I thought screen printing could be an option but then I realized I needed to design something to print first, and because my design skills are shit I just gave up and eventually put the whole thing on hold.

Thinking about it, maybe that was just a cheap excuse. Maybe it was one of those mental roadblock I tend to put in front of me every now and then, to convince myself certain things are not good enough to even try them. I should just fucking get on with it without worrying so much about it because, honestly mate, who gives a shit? I’m just going to get it out of the way and move on and if it doesn’t work, well, at least I would had done something, for a change.

* * * *

Just discovered this little website that made me think of what I just wrote. Right now, apart from keeping this diary and buying a record every once in a while, there aren’t many things I do just for myself. Kind of depressing, really. I think I need to do a bit of mental housekeeping and turn things around, for my own good.

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September 23

I checked, my Soundgarden record is not made of yellow vinyl. Bummer.

* * * *

Today, I introduced the agency to the work of Mr. Bingo. I realized I tend to sound a little bit obsessive when I talk about him and the stuff he has done but hey, that’s fine by me, I like his work and so should you.

My friend Aaron has invited to make a five minute presentation at Podio and Friends – Lightning Talks, a fun event where a bunch of interesting people from different industries get together to share their ideas and side projects. I find these kind of affairs a bit intimidating but I will give it a go, mostly because I think it would be nice to pitch the concept for a little website I’m working on to a crowd and see what feedback it gets. Besides, it will only take a few minutes and there will be drinks and snacks afterwards so it can’t be that bad.

Speaking of websites, I recently discovered this. Check it out and get ready to spend whatever is left of your day looking at pointless yet fascinating pieces of Internet greatness.

You have been warned.

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September 22

Another weekend Kat and I have successfully smashed. On Friday, we met up for dinner at Bonjour Vietnam and then headed to the Staten Museum for Kunst to check out “Biography”, an exhibition I’m happy to say I didn’t pay to see. I probably just didn’t get it but most of what was there on display I found either very pretentious or simple pointless. But hey, what would I know? Still, it was nice to have a look around the museum and check out all the cool kids getting drunk to electronic music and pretending to be inspire but Contemporary art.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.57.02

On Saturday, I met Chris for a ping-pong match; it was the first ping-pong game in years and, as you would expect, I lost. But only for a tiny little point. Actually, I led the whole match and was ahead 7-4 but I started enjoying Chris’ tantrums a bit too much and in the en he managed to come back and won 7-8, a victory he celebrated with pumping fists and everything. It was good fun. Kat joined us afterwards and the three of us went record shopping at Sound Station, my favourite record shop in town. Kat got three records she seemed very happy about and I managed to score a sealed Badmotorfinger copy, which I think might be a 1991 yellow vinyl edition. I will find out tonight.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.57.13

After Sound Station, Kat and I walked to Palads and got tickets to see “Guardians of the Galaxy” at 3:45pm, which was good and bad: it was good because it was almost empty and felt like we had all the movie theatre to ourselves, and it was bad because apart from us, most people in the room were 12 years old or younger and wouldn’t shut up. There was also a lady next to Kat, translating every dialogue to her young kid who didn’t understand English and couldn’t read Danish fast enough to catch the subtitles either so we had to move away and find a new place to seat. Makes me wonder why parents even bother to take their children to the cinema in the first place if they are not able to fully enjoy the experience.

Despite these minor hiccups, we had a great time and thought the movie was entertaining, especially Rocket, whose character was very nicely written. The soundtrack was pretty sweet too, actually. I’m gonna look it up on Spotify, hold on.

(short pause)

Right. After the movies, we grabbed a drink at Nutid and then met Sebastian and Hayla at Escobar, a rock bar that sells Trooper beer. I like to go there just for that. I came up with this little idea for a website and Sebastian offered to help out with some of the videos I need to put the whole thing together so we took the opportunity to talk about it and catch up, it had been a while since I last saw him and his girlfriend.

On Sunday, Kat and I went for coffee at Ricco’s, in Stefansgade, the street I used to live when I first moved to Copenhagen. Then we had a walk around a couple of flea market followed by cake at a little cafe in the neighbourhood and then to say hi to one of her friends, who recently have birth to adorable twins. Came back home at 5pm, totally knackered. Had a nap, caught up with my parents on Skype, watched the first episode of Game of Thrones and went back to bed around 10pm, like it should be.

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August 5

After going through a decent amount of boxes, bags, clothes and suitcases, Kat and I have finally managed to bring our flat to a pleasingly orderly and clean condition. It looks wonderful. Kat seems to be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of floor space that is visible now but I’m sure she will get used to it. We still have a few minor details to sort out but, in general, I’d say we’ve done a great job at giving our new home a well-deserved makeover.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 13.32.06

Over the weekend, we signed up for HBO Nordic and started watching “Misfits” (it was Kat’s idea and I’m so happy she suggested it, the series is fucking great!), met up with some of her friends for a BBQ and even got the chance to go to the beach. It was really nice. When the weather is good, Copenhagen is certainly a lovely place to be. Before the BBQ, I met Monika in Frederiksberg and went to a record fair that was being held in a bar; I didn’t have very high expectations but it was actually quite nice, with around 10 stalls selling mostly rock/jazz vinyls.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 13.32.15

There were a few records I wanted to buy but in the end I decided to get only two of them: a black-on-black Black Friday limited edition of Queens of the Stone Age “…Like Clockwork”, and an original first pressing of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” that came with a poster and two stickers. I’m trying to convince Kat to let me put that poster somewhere in our flat but, in all fairness, we already have seven of my posters lined up and we haven’t yet figured out where to hang them so I might need to keep the Pink Floyd one rolled up for a while. No big deal, I’m OK with that.

* * * * *

I just came across this, it’s MIND-BLOWING.

Now, changing subjects. This will be a busy week: dinner tonight with Kat’s parents, blood tests on Thursday morning and meeting Lars for the turntable project later that day, then meeting Anna for breakfast on Friday to discuss a little project we want to work on. I also have to get some photos taken for my UK visa application, need to book an appointment at the British Embassy, need to get some bank statements signed as well as a work letter from the office, need to change my home address and set a meeting with another bank because the one I currently have is rubbish, need to get a new bike and on top of that, I need to keep my promise of eating healthy, exercise and get some proper sleep.

Yeah, good luck with that…


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March 22

Today, as every Saturday, I woke up and cycled to Sort Kaffe of Vinyl to get my mandatory dosage of caffeine and to continue my reading of that Phillip K. Dick book I started last week, but much to my surprise, my little favourite coffeeshop was closed today. Major bummer. In the face of such setback, I decided to drop by my ex-favourite coffeeshop, which is just around the corner, and it was probably the best move I could have made this morning; I got there and behind the counter there was this super fit girl playing some of my beloved records: first it was “Use Your Illusion I”, then “Flashpoint”, shortly after “Ace of Spades” and “Rage Against The Machine”, and finally “Evil Empire”. It was fantastic.


At some point, I had to stand up and go there to tell her how much I loved her music taste. I just had to. She seemed to have appreciated the compliment. We chatted for a bit and she told me she’s planning to go to Palestine in April for an undetermined period but that maybe we could catch up if she was back in the Summer, which I really doubt, not because I suspect she won’t return before then but simply because I think none of us would really be that interested to make an effort to meet up again, so I considered this to be nothing but a nice one-off interaction that really made my morning.

To top it all, I also met a really lovely blonde girl with beautiful blue eyes called Liv, who was sitting next to me reading Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” so I asked her what her thoughts on it were, and from there we started a very enjoyable conversations about books, music (she turned out to be a The National fan), film (I asked her if she had seen “Mistaken For Strangers”, a The National documentary premiered last year – she hadn’t seen it so I recommended her to watch it), Roskilde Festival and my experience in Denmark so far. You know those moments in which you find yourself going from one topic to the other , effortlessly, thinking “wow, we like the same things! how fucking cool is that!”? Well, it was exactly like that. It just flowed.

Halfway through our conversation though, her very hungover friend showed up (Liv had been waiting for her) and brought everything to an abrupt end. A real shame. Liv introduced me to her friend, who told us she had been at her younger sister’s housewarming party the night before and had drank way too much alcohol in an effort to keep up with the cheerful teens and now she was dying. We chatted for a bit but they left shortly after because Miss Hungover needed some fresh air. Liv and I said goodbye and we both agreed it had been a real pleasure to chat but, for some stupid reason, I didn’t make a move. I should have asked her out, try to get her phone number, something! I’m not saying there was any kind of flirt involved, I’m not even saying that she was interested beyond this casual conversation, but just the fact that this exchange happened in plain daylight, with no alcohol involved, on Danish soil, is a remarkable indication of her character. I just found her very interesting and instead of suggesting we meet up again,  I just sat there, half playing it cool and half not knowing exactly what to say, managing only to sputter a very lame “maybe I’ll see you around sometime” before she left. “Maybe”, she said with a smile and then disappeared.

Now, Copenhagen is small but not that small. What are the odds of running into this girl again? It’s just not gonna happen. “Maybe I’ll see you around sometime”… Jeez, what a fucking moron.

* * * *

Went with Carlos to a place called Sporvejen for lunch today, good stuff. Fantastic burgers and even better staff serving the tables, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of beautiful women, here’s Annie Clark. I miss the distorted guitars, the messy solos and the pick scrapes but apart from that, this version of “Marrow” (skip to 8m24s)  is pretty good.

PS: I still like the ACL version better, though.

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October 6

Spent most of the day at home, unpacking my stuff and tidying up my new room. While I was sorting out my clothes, organising my books and wiping dirt off the shelves, I decided to listen to a few vinyl records: “Girls, Girls, Girls – The Best of Burlesque & Striptease Music”, which I find a bit repetitive after a while; “Never Say Die” by Black Sabbath; “Trans” by Neil Young, a record  I like because is full of synthesized sounds and Vocoderized vocals that are so not Neil Young; and “Renegades” by Rage Against The Machine, a terrific album that can make a lazy Sunday even better.


Mark was off for a wedding somewhere and came back this evening with pizzas and a few movies he randomly borrowed from a friend: “Behind The Candelabra,” the movie in which Michael Douglas plays Liberace, the gay pianist, and Matt Damon plays his much younger lover, Scott Thorson. Now, we’re not homophobic but the scene in which Michael Douglas gives Matt a blowjob puts us a bit off so we decided to stop it there and try the other movie, “The East,” which I thought was pretty average (Ellen Page looks great, though).

Now, off to watch one more episode of House Of Cards before going to bed. I’ve just started the first season and after a couple of episodes, they had already won me over. Kevin Spacey’s character is brilliant and Kate Mara is hot so I guess that’s good enough reason for me to give this one a try…

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