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May 12

I have been meaning to write here for a few days now but I simply couldn’t find a way around, I was either too busy working or too busy watching TV at home with Kat. Most of the times, I was too busy watching TV at home with Kat. We signed up for Netflix last month (in addition to our existing HBO subscription) and we have been having a great time in our couch, going through episodes of Bosch, The Fall, Games of Thrones, Broadchurch, and a few documentaries thrown in for good measure. We do love seating there every night to watch TV, it’s one of the things we do best.

When I haven’t been busy staring at the telly, I have been at work, trying to put together a proposal to apply for a grant awarded by a Danish organization to advertising professionals that want to undertake a year-long research project around a topic that can bring new perspectives to the advertising industry in Denmark. My boss suggested me to give it a shot so I decided to go ahead with it. After talking to a few people in the business, and pondering the kind of project I would enjoy doing, I finally settled on a topic I genuinely believe could be interesting to explore, mostly because I don’t know anything about it and also because it could give me the opportunity to travel around and talk to really smart folks.

My deadline is May 26 and so far I have most of the research done and a rough outline laid out, so all I have to do now is start writing. That is usually the trickiest bit, though. I spent a week going through articles, books, videos and academic papers, taking notes and trying to figure out what exactly the focus of my proposal was. It’s such a broad topic that it has been hard to narrow the scope down, but I think I have finally found a way. Maybe. I will start writing tomorrow and hopefully I will have a first draft ready next Monday, if everything goes well. Then it would be just a matter to make a few corrections, proof read and send it out. Wish me luck.

* * * *

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from the Venezuelan Embassy letting me know my new passport had arrived. This shouldn’t be an event, but in my case, it really is. You see, early this year I lost my passport so had to apply to a new one, but unlike most countries, mine takes forever to process such paperwork. It’s just the way it is. The estimate processing time was 3 months but surprisingly, it only took them a month to go through my application, make a new passport and send it back to Denmark. That is fantastic news. Why? Because before losing my passport, Kat and I had booked a trip to Paris next week and a trip to Madrid the week after, both of which we thought we were going to need to cancel as soon as we heard how long my new passport was going to take.

But then yesterday, I miraculously received a notification informing me the document was ready, and today I just went to the Embassy and picked it up. Which means I will get to go to Paris with Kat next week and see AC/DC playing at Stade de France. My first AC/DC show! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this, and how much I am looking forward to visit Paris with Kat. I’m happy to go anywhere with Kat, really.

But Paris… va être parfait!

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March 11

Spent all of yesterday at home, either laying in bed or sitting on the couch, dealing with a very annoying back pain. When I left the office on Monday afternoon, I felt a strong prick in the top centre of my back and I knew right away I was in trouble. I got home, took some painkillers and lay in bed, hoping the discomfort would go away but it didn’t; it hurt when I walked, it hurt when I tried to move my head to the sides, it hurt when I was trying to sleep… it just fucking hurt all the time.

I barely got any sleep so I called in sick yesterday and stayed at home, trying to rest my back. I took that as an opportunity to catch up with “Better Call Saul,” which I hadn’t been able to watch since it premiered a few weeks ago. I managed to watch six episodes before Kat came back home, at which point we made a quick brake to watch “Ex on the Beach” (dreadful, I know) and then picked up “House of Cards” where we left it on Monday.

This morning, I stopped at Kaffekilden for breakfast and then to the place where I used to do my physiotherapy for a back massage. I was expecting it to be painful but Aline, the Norwegian girl in charge of my appointment, did a great job at sorting me out without making me suffer. I really appreciate that.

I’m now in the office, feeling a much better, watching live videos of Judas Priest on YouTube and wishing I could be out enjoying the sun. Who knows, maybe I will sneak out and go for a walk. I’m sure you’d do the same if you could…

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January 12

Back in July last year, Kat and I moved in together but we never got to throw a proper housewarming party at the time so we decided to get that out of the way this weekend and invited some friends over for drinks at our place. I think it was the first time that some of Kat’s friends were together in the same room with some of mine, and despite a silly late-night drunken incident involving a DIY garlic bread, a great time was had by all.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.38.49

Some of our friends didn’t make it to the party, possibly because of the stupid transvestite storm that hit us over the weekend (it was given a female name on the first day and a male name on the second day – that’s progressive Denmark for you all), but those who made it to our home gave us flowers, a bottle of fine Cuban rum, a couple of bottles of wine, a pair of salt & pepper shakers we liked, and a picture framing fund to take care of some posters we have at home. All very nice. The next morning, after doing a quick clean up of the apartment, Kat and I went for coffee and pastries at a café in Nørrebro and then popped in El Giganten to get that new TV we had been talking about for the last couple of months.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.39.43

We figured that if we are spending so much time in front of the telly watching series on HBO most evenings, we might as well give ourselves an upgrade so, after much consideration, comparing features and prices and users reviews, we finally agreed on an LG 55-inch full HD LCD TV that might be just a little bit too big; its name is Alberto and it barely fits on the cabinet we used to have our old TV on. If it was one centimeter bigger, we probably would be looking at new cabinets as we speak.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.39.34

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.39.19

As with every piece of electronic equipment we buy, the set up process didn’t go as smoothly as it should have and we still haven’t been able to find out how to make the antenna signal work but we hook it up to my laptop and our surround sound and spent the rest of the day watching episodes of “Masters of Sex,” a series we liked at the beginning but that we’re feeling a bit meh about it now that we’re close to finish the second season. To be honest, if it wasn’t for all the exposed breasts featured throughout the series, I would have probably given up on it a while ago.

But with Alberto on our side, standing proud in our living room, we will power through and finish what we started. We will not give up and we will not surrender. Our time is now.

* * * *

I just came across a wonderful piece of wisdom, which I recommend you to read: “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck.” 


Despite the loose use of the word “fuck,” which is featured 127 times throughout the article, the author makes a really valid point in an very amusing way and considering the new year has just begun, I’d suggest you to reconsider your fuck-giving policy and follow the advice of Mr. Mark Makson (whoever the fuck he is) and start reserving your fucks for the really fuckworthy situations in life.

After you read the article, I think you would agree with me that it’s indeed worth trying.

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December 8

I might have failed to keep up with the diary these days but that doesn’t mean good things haven’t happened lately. On Friday, Kat and I joined Carlos and Marisa at the opening of my friend Geoffrey’s new bar, Balderdash, and were treated to glasses of champagne and a fine rum punch, while waves of joyful people kept flooding into the space, keen to see what Geoffrey had been up to since he left The Union. The result? Well, if you live in Copenhagen, you better check it out for yourself. If you live somewhere else and you’re still curious to know what Balderdash is all about, then head to their website and have a look, I’m sure you’ll wish you were here to pay it a visit.

That same evening, before going to Balderdash, Kat’s parents invited us for a traditional Danish Christmas dinner, which included Flæskesteg (a glorious roast pork), potatoes, red cabbage and gravy, all perfectly cooked. For dessert, we had rice pudding with whipped cream, almonds and hot cherry sauce; I have no idea how this dessert is called but it was fantastic and I helped myself to two bowls, enjoying every spoonful of it. As if this wasn’t enough, Kat’s mum gave me Christmas presents! She got me a coffee maker and a coffee grinder, and the day after, Kat’s Dad surprised me with a set of electrical drills and accessories which are going to come in handy as Kat and I will most likely keep buying stuff to hang on our home’s walls.

Over the weekend, we also took the time to go around town, looking at second-hand shops and Christmas markets, eating 10-kroner soups, cakes, catching up with Sonic Highways, and watching season 1 of Masters of Sex, which we started last week. Kat likes Boardwalk Empire a bit better but we’re sticking to the former until we finish season one, then we’ll probably consider whether to go ahead with season two or change back to Boardwalk Empire, which we left halfway through the first season. We’ll see.

* * * *

It’s been 10 years since Dimebag got fatally shot on stage at the Alrosa Village, today. Very sad. I should have worn my Vulgar Display of Power t-shirt this morning…


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September 9

After a really long Thursday going back to London from Brighton, picking up a suitcase at my ex-house in Harringey, grabbing lunch at my favourite Turkish restaurant in Green Lanes and then going for a walk around Soho with a short stop for cake at Princi, we headed to Gatwick and flew to Copenhagen at 8:45pm, arriving home near midnight. Well tired. 

The good thing was that the day after was Friday, which means I basically had a one week holiday from which I came back only to jump straight into a weekend. Brilliant. I bought home two packs of hot cross buns, 2 bags of Cadbury’s mini chocolate fingers and three packs of McVitie’s milk chocolate Digestives, which I have been devouring at home and in the office since I got back. I have also been watching the last two seasons of Misfits with Kat and although we are not convinced, I think we will push through and finish the damn thing, just to see what happens in the end. 

Apart from eating sweets and watching old series, I have also started reading “It’s Not Me, It’s You!” by Jon Richardson, a book that Kat lent me a couple of days ago. I’m really enjoying it so far, mostly because quietly laugh about his nonsense compulsive habits but I often find myself thinking: “wow, it must be really sad to live such life.” Then I remember he’s probably making a decent amount of money from the book, his stand up and all his weirdness and everything is ok again.

* * * *

Yesterday, Anna and I met up with some cool guys who seem to be really interested in developing this little game idea I came up with a while ago. Things seem to be coming together and if we are lucky and everything runs smoothly, we might get it done by the first quarter of 2015. Fingers crossed.

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August 13

I was halfway through a post about our trip to Møn over the weekend but WordPress, once again, has managed to put it somewhere I can’t find it, probably on a top shelf. This sucks because I had written a more or less detailed account of our little weekend in the south-east of Denmark but now I really can’t be bothered to do it all over again so a very summed up version will need to suffice.

Let’s see: Kat managed to convinced her Dad to drive us to Møn so we left Copenhagen on Saturday at 7am and by 9:30am we were in Klintholm Havn, a little fishing village with a harbour and a supermarket where you can also rent bikes. Kat’s Dad suggested us to cycle all the way to the cliff, it sounded like a good idea and we went for it. Ten minutes later, we realized we had to ride 6 km of hilly roads to get there; by the time we acknowledge our mistake, it was too late to do anything about it. 


And so we pedaled, and pedaled, and pedaled, until we finally reached Møns Klint, a 6 km stretch of chalk cliffs in the Baltic Sea. I must admit, I expected it to be much higher (120m above sea level or so) but despite it’s underwhelming height, the view from the cliff was fantastic. The sun was shinning when we got there and its reflection over the water was absolutely beautiful.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 08.41.58

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 08.42.34

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 08.42.43

We wandered a bit at the top of the cliff and then went down all the way to the beach, where we sat for a while, just looking at the sea and secretly making fun of some of the tourist around us. That’s what Kat and I do, we laugh at people because they are probably laughing at us too. After spending some time on the beach, the sky turned grey and the air cold so we headed back to the top of the cliff (after climbing a hundred fucking steps!) to grab some food and get mentally prepared to cycle 11 km to the Bed & Breakfast we had booked for the night.

We hadn’t finished eating our chili con carne when it started to rain. Not a bad thing, really; it actually made all the cycling a bit more tolerable. It took us about 45 minutes to finally get to the place we were going to stay, a really nice house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees and grass. Really pretty. The only downside to it was its location, quite far from everything, which meant we either had to find a restaurant that could deliver food to us or we had to take our bikes and go somewhere to grab dinner and cycle back to the B&B in absolute darkness (people in Møn are not very fond of lamp post along the roads, apparently). 

Eventually, we found a place that was willing to drive a few kilometers to save us from starvation. God bless them, they don’t know how much we loved them that night. We sat next to a German couple, eating vegetables and rye bread while I devoured a bacon and cheese burger and Kat tried to figure out how to eat a massive calzone filled with pasta and meatballs. That’s right, pasta and meatballs inside a calzone. I can’t think of anything more carbohydrate-packed than that. 

(Stolen from Kat's instagram)

(Stolen from Kat’s instagram)

After dinner, we went back to our room and watched a few episodes of “Misfits”, a series I really liked at the beginning but that after the second season is starting to piss me off; the guy that replaced Nathan is NOT funny and the whole story is getting way too tacky. I’m still planning to finish it but I must say, I’m not all that excited about it anymore.

On Sunday, we woke up around 9am, had a shower, packed our stuff and cycled back to Klintholm Havn to return our bikes and catch a bus that dropped us somewhere else where we caught a bus that dropped us in some other place where we finally jumped on a train that brought us back to Copenhagen. We celebrated our return to civilization with KFC, like it should be. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 08.41.39

Despite all the cycling, which made my ass and legs hurt a lot, I really enjoyed our little weekend trip to Møn. Kat’s always good fun and she made me forget a bit about all this UK visa application thing, which is stressing me out and making me really, really anxious. Just yesterday I submitted my documents, let’s see what they say…

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August 5

After going through a decent amount of boxes, bags, clothes and suitcases, Kat and I have finally managed to bring our flat to a pleasingly orderly and clean condition. It looks wonderful. Kat seems to be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of floor space that is visible now but I’m sure she will get used to it. We still have a few minor details to sort out but, in general, I’d say we’ve done a great job at giving our new home a well-deserved makeover.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 13.32.06

Over the weekend, we signed up for HBO Nordic and started watching “Misfits” (it was Kat’s idea and I’m so happy she suggested it, the series is fucking great!), met up with some of her friends for a BBQ and even got the chance to go to the beach. It was really nice. When the weather is good, Copenhagen is certainly a lovely place to be. Before the BBQ, I met Monika in Frederiksberg and went to a record fair that was being held in a bar; I didn’t have very high expectations but it was actually quite nice, with around 10 stalls selling mostly rock/jazz vinyls.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 13.32.15

There were a few records I wanted to buy but in the end I decided to get only two of them: a black-on-black Black Friday limited edition of Queens of the Stone Age “…Like Clockwork”, and an original first pressing of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” that came with a poster and two stickers. I’m trying to convince Kat to let me put that poster somewhere in our flat but, in all fairness, we already have seven of my posters lined up and we haven’t yet figured out where to hang them so I might need to keep the Pink Floyd one rolled up for a while. No big deal, I’m OK with that.

* * * * *

I just came across this, it’s MIND-BLOWING.

Now, changing subjects. This will be a busy week: dinner tonight with Kat’s parents, blood tests on Thursday morning and meeting Lars for the turntable project later that day, then meeting Anna for breakfast on Friday to discuss a little project we want to work on. I also have to get some photos taken for my UK visa application, need to book an appointment at the British Embassy, need to get some bank statements signed as well as a work letter from the office, need to change my home address and set a meeting with another bank because the one I currently have is rubbish, need to get a new bike and on top of that, I need to keep my promise of eating healthy, exercise and get some proper sleep.

Yeah, good luck with that…


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