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October 12

The more time passed, the more I felt there was no point in trying to get back on the habit of keeping a diary. I didn’t have the time to sit down and write about all these experiences I was going through in as much detail as I would have liked, and I was certainly not willing to scribble a few notes just for the sake of it so I just ignored it altogether.

For a while, I thought I would force myself to get back into the swing of things by simply putting together one of those lazy posts in which I’d go over the highlights of whatever amount of time had passed between updates, but I knew I would have faded into absence shortly after, so why even bother?

But then, this happened.


Since my last blog entry, I saw AC/DC twice (one time front row!), met Mike Patton and Mike Bordin, stood side of the stage for Eagles of Death Metal, and spent four days in a tent with Kat at Roskilde. We did Northside, too. We spent a week stuffing ourselves with delicious Italian food in a small Sicilian town, getting drunk, visiting active volcanoes and lying on beautiful beaches. I spent four days in Lake Como, riding in helicopters, climbing mountains, and swimming in cold water. I have bought records, visited friends, and even started taking improv classes. But of all those wonderful things I have been fortunate enough to experience, giving that ring to Kat has been by far the most exciting. Unlike everything else that came before it, this was actually worth writing about.

It happened in Hamburg last week, in front of the City Hall, after a lovely dinner. We were in Germany for a long weekend, which we had originally planned as a shopping trip (as it turned out, there was a National holiday we were not aware of and all shops were closed) so there was no need for me to plan a getaway holiday out of the blue. The logistics worked in my favor.

So did the postal service, which delivered the ring I had bought on Etsy the day before our flight. Kat and I had been talking about this for a while so I asked her to put together a wishlist with her favorite ring designs, just for me to have a good range of options to choose from whenever I decided to look into it. When she mentioned she had found the most beautiful of them all, a classic 1940s 5-diamond engagement ring, I went online and bought it. Then I pretended to be broke and made sure to casually bring up the poor health of my bank account in our conversations whenever possible, reassuring Kat I would definitely look into it once I was able to afford it. This went on for about a month.

By the time we got to Hamburg, I had the ring with me and Kat had kind of forgotten about the ring she so much loved but couldn’t have because some piece of shit asshole had bought it first (fortunately, some of the other rings she had in her wishlist also got sold around the same time, so even though at some point she suspected I had bought it, the fact that the other rings disappeared all at once made her think that maybe I hadn’t bought it after all and life was just being slightly cruel). Bonus points to me for dramatic plot twist.

We landed in Hamburg on Thursday night, spent most of Friday walking around and lying in the sun near the harbor, and in the evening we went for dinner at a place I had booked us a table at. Upon arrival, we realized the place was utterly depressing so we managed to secure a table at another restaurant near by (thank you, Foursquare) and had dinner there instead. Once we were done with our food, we went for a walk around town and when we accidentally stumbled upon Hamburg Rathaus, a beautiful neo-renaissance building from the 18th century, I knew that was the moment. I put my hand in my pocket, where I had been carrying the ring for the whole evening, and tried to get it out of the little tulle bag it came in without giving away my intentions.

While I struggled with getting the ring out of my pocket, Kat was having a look around and by the time her eyes came back to me, I was kneeling in front of her, holding the little shiny thing in my hand. She was taken by surprise. “Would you marry me?” Her immediate response was: “You idiot!” – I took that as a yes.

We laughed, we hugged, we kissed. It was awesome.

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September 30

Most mornings during the week, I go to a coffeeshop that’s just around the corner from the office, to have breakfast and read a book before work. Most of the times, there is also a very suspicious man, who is clearly having an affair with a younger woman; he gets two large coffees, finds a hidden spot in the shop and waits until she arrives. Sometimes it’s just a couple of minutes, other times is half an hour. It varies. When she finally shows up, his face lights up. Her full lips curve into a shy smile. They embrace passionately and kiss like there is no tomorrow.

I know it sounds glamorous but trust me, it isn’t. When they kiss, you can almost hear the vacuum effect forming inside their mouths as they suck on each other’s faces, a drool fest that is only interrupted by short breaks in which they both get some air back in their lungs before engaging in a new snog. This goes on forever. Last week, for example, they kissed for almost 2 minutes non-stop and in the process managed to creep me out for the first time since I’ve “met” them. From where I was seated, a few tables away from them, I could hear the sloppy sound of their tongues making love to each other as I tried to read my book, which I couldn’t really read, of course, because my mind was too busy trying to pretend they were not there to successfully process any of Jon Richardson’s prose.

The good news is that from that awkward moment, an idea was born. A silly idea, mind you, but and idea nonetheless. I will need to pull a few favours to make it happen (as usual) but I will give it a try, just for the sake of it.

Stay tuned.

* * * *

Over the weekend, Kat and I went to IKEA and I’m glad to inform you we didn’t kill each other. Actually, we managed to go through it without any major arguments, something very few couples can brag about. We made plans to buy a home theatre, a juice maker and a blender, and I finally got some frames for my EELS posters, which are now ready to go up on our walls. I think they will look great.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.18.17

Oh, and yesterday Kat went out shopping and bought me a real redhead, three small picture frames for some of our photos, a present for my little niece, a vinyl record frame for our walk-in closet and a pack of three plastic diamond rings with glow sticks, which she offered me as a token of her affection. You heard right, she proposed me on a bus with a plastic ring that glows in the dark… and I said yes.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.18.29

It suits her well, no doubts, but unfortunately the ring is too small for my fat fingers so I won’t be able to wear it regularly. However, I will keep it at home and show off my bling only in special occasions, and if it gets stuck and I’m forced to break it, at least I will be at peace knowing I can always get a pack of three for only 10 kroners.

Thank you, Tiger <3

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