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What’s My Age Again?

The wait is over: I’m finally off the crutches. Well, kind of. Last friday, the doctor said that my bone looked great on the x-ray and that I was ready to hit the dancefloor anytime I wanted to, only that my first walk home after my visit to the hospital that afternoon felt a bit like this…

It’s a natural thing, I guess; my right leg has been on stand-by for so long that it’s now very weak and every step is awkward and challenging and exhausting and a bit scary, too. I feel like a toddler. However, I know that Bambi-on-ice kind of feeling will slowly disappear once I start my physiotherapy and my muscles get back in shape, but in the meantime, I think I will stick to the crutches for a wee bit, just while I get the hang of this again.

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