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May 20

So, after a week doing research on cultural anthropology and the future of technology, I have finally written and submitted my application to the Ole Stig Lommer scholarship. It was a bit hard to figure out what what I wanted to do but I think the topic I ended up choosing is interesting and I would love to get the money to explore it further. Fingers crossed.

On a different note, going through the bands that will be playing Northside this year, I discovered the work of Mathew E. White and let me tell you… I’m digging it, yo. I listened to “Fresh Blood” for a few days and like it, and now I’m listening to “Big Inner” and I think is a pretty sweet record, too. I also checked out a live performance in the KEPX studio and I can now say that I’m really looking forward to see him in Aarhus next month.

Now, did I mentioned I’m going to Paris this weekend to see AC/DC play the massive Stade de France?


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March 19

A lot has happened yesterday. GOOD STUFF. Some of it I can’t share, but for now, all I can say now is that I had 2 burgers at Tommy’s yesterday, got tickets to Northside, and now have a brand new turntable and a pair of 180W speakers sitting in our living room, waiting to be installed. Things are good and the sun is out…

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