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January 16

Kat and I are off to London for the weekend, our first trip of 2015. We have already four more trips lined up for the first half of the year and to be honest, I’m really looking forward to every single one of them. I like to travel with Kat, she’s always fun to be around. Unlike our last trip to London, this time we are going without much plans other than catching up with as many of my friends, have a walk along the Southbank and maybe go see an sex exhibition at Wellcome Collection but that’s really not important. We just want to hang out and take it easy. A hard thing to do in London, I know, but we’ll give it a shot…

* * * *

I have been listening to Here Be Monsters lately, a nice podcast I recently discovered through the built-in Podcast iPhone app. As always, I’m arriving quite late to the party (there are 40 episodes of HBM already waiting for me) but that’s fine by me, I enjoy going through entire seasons of existing material at my own pace. I like knowing that I can listen/watch all the episodes in one go if I want to, or put them on hold if I want to take a break, without feeling like I’m missing out.

The only exception to this rule has possibly being 24, which I watched with my mum as it was broadcasted on TV, on a weekly basis. It was nerve-wracking and little bit annoying at times (wanting to watch more and having to wait an entire week for the next episode) but overall, I think it has been one of the most enjoyable family experiences of my life. Just sitting there every week in front of the telly with my mum, just wondering what the hell was going to happen next. Even after I moved to London, I would download each episode at the time and tried to watch it the same day my mum did, just so that we could talk about it afterwards on Skype. It was fucking great.

Anyway, back to HBM. I’m not a big fan of Jeff Emtman’s voice but the podcast is very well produced, the format is perfect for my Copenhagen commute and the topics are fascinating. I have only started it a few days ago so still have a long way to go but I recommend you to check it out, I’m sure you will find something interesting in there.

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