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December 10

Yesterday, I woke up at 5:30am to take a bus to the Central Station to then go on a 2-hour train journey to Vejle to then take a cab to LEGO’s Innovation House for a 7-hour video shoot. Needless to say, it was a long day. On our way to LEGO, we heard on the radio The Rembrandts’s “I’ll Be There For You” aka the Friends theme song…it hit me then that it was probably the first time I’ve heard that song in its entirety, and being played through a telecommunication medium other than the TV.

Which just comes to show what a great bad The Rembrandts are, I guess.

* * * *

I have so much shit to do before I head home for Christmas that I’m starting to get a little bit anxious. Just today, I need to meet Carlos and Marisa for dinner as Carlos just got a job this morning and wants to celebrate, then I have to go home to review a whole chapter of my Danish book, go through the class I missed yesterday, do the homework I need to bring tomorrow AND catch up with our Christmas calendar, whose windows we keep forgetting to open.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.55.51

Then there’s my physio exercises, the presents for Kat’s parents I still need to buy, the ones I got Kat for her birthday/Christmas that I still need to wrap, the 80’s outfit that I still need to sort out before the office Christmas’ party on Friday, the physio bill I need to send to my insurance company for refund, the paperwork I still need to do to register as a Venezuelan resident officially relocated to Denmark (after 2 years, I still haven’t updated it)… it’s all piling up, damn it.

Anyway, let’s just file this post under #firstworldproblems and move on.

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May 7

I’ve spent most of the last 36 hours refreshing the EELS website to see if the tickets for the Madrid show have finally gone on sale; they were supposed to be available yesterday so I woke up at 7am to check and there was no link, then I checked the venue’s website and there was nothing there either. It’s now May 7, the tickets are still on hold and I can’t stop myself from refreshing the tour page every five minutes. I hope I can buy them soon because all this uncertainty is making me very anxious.

Screen shot 2014-05-07 at 18.06.29

Go ahead, make a #firstworldproblems joke out of it. I don’t care.

* * * *

Yesterday, Kat introduced me to the WORST film I have ever seen: “Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks”, a 1976 sexploitation women in prison film, which is the first sequel to Ilsa, She Wolf of the SSAccording to Wikipedia:

Ilsa is Kommandant of a Nazi prison camp, who conducts sadistic scientific experiments designed to demonstrate that women are more capable of enduring pain than men are, and therefore should be allowed to fight in the army.

Trust me, it’s worse than it sounds. The plot (if there is one) makes no sense whatsoever, it’s poorly edited and the acting is SO hideous that at some point I just had to tell Kat to stop it and switch to Eurovision. Go figure. I mean, if you rather watch wannabe music stars perform weak unknown songs instead of a movie packed with naked girls with big boobs, you know there is something terribly wrong going on. What really shocks me is that Kat says the first film is even worse than the one we watched last night… I really can’t imagine how that could be possible.

Anyway, we switched to Eurovision and it was just as I imagined it would be: slightly better than average performers singing songs I’ve never heard of while trying to look convincing in their pretentious outfits. People love it here, though. In fact, everyone seems to be going mad over this whole Eurovision thing, something that I fail to understand. But hey, I’m neither European nor visionary so clearly this wasn’t made for me anyway. In the end, Kat and I decided to vote for a folky duo from The Netherlands, who eventually got enough support from the audience to make it to the final, next Saturday.


That’s right, I actually took part in this crap.

Denmark is in the final, too, and the event is taking place in Copenhagen so expect a collective alcohol overdose if whoever is representing the country ends up winning this thing again. I will keep you posted.


8:35pm – We’ve just got tickets to see the EELS in Madrid this Summer! :)

I got distracted watching the first episode of “24: Live another day” and when I remembered to check the website again, the tickets had already been released and all the second and third row were sold out. Most seats in the front row were available, though. I assumed the locals know those seats are way too close to the stage, which can compromise the view sometimes, and as I have never been to that venue before I decided to play it safe and went for fifth row seats instead, which is still pretty close.

Originally, I was going to get these seats but the system refused my request and automatically relocated us to the fifth row. Stupid computers.

Originally, I was going to get these seats but the system refused my request and automatically relocated us to the fifth row. Stupid computers.

I’ve seen them front row before anyway (in Madrid, back in 2010, and last year in Copenhagen) so I just wanted to get good seats for Kat to enjoy the show properly. After all, it was me who convinced her to go see them so the least I could do was to try to ensure she was close enough so that her first EELS gig is as cool as possible.

All she has to do now is learn some of the songs so she can mumble along some of the lyrics, we only have a couple of months to work on it and the clock is ticking…


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April 2

I’ve been a bit down these days so not in the mood for writing that much, which is why I’ll keep this short and sweet: Spring is not quite here yet, the last few days have been very cold and windy, and it seems like it’s just about to rain now (cue the sound of roaring thunder in the distance). I started watching season 5 of “The Shield” this week, the most hardcore season of all; the nerve-wrecking rivalry between Kavanaugh and Vic makes each episode worth every second of it. I have been shit at keeping up with the T25 training but I plan to continue, even if it’s not under a very strict schedule. The PIN number of my card hasn’t arrived yet so I haven’t been able to buy my ticket to Roskilde or book my flight to Barcelona. The bank says they will need to cancel the new card they gave me and order another one, which will take 10 more days and totally pisses me off.

I’m out for a drink now, I really need it.

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September 28

The house-hunting nightmare finally came to an end a couple of days ago so the pack-all-your-crap nightmare begins today.

I just realised I’ve moved 7 times in the last three years and a half, and I always end up packing up more stuff than the previous time. Not sure how that happens.


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