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June 2

Every time I go to Madrid, a little part of me wishes it could stay there, enjoying the sun and the food and the company of one of the most endearing group of people I know. I simply love that town and the friends I have there, and I can’t wait to come back soon.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.59.16

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.59.01

* * * *

I just watched Kung Fury and once I finished, I bought two t-shirts and invited the director to guest star in my podcast. I kind of lost interest in recording new episodes but if he agrees, I would happily resurrect it. Let’s see what he says. In the meantime, watch the film if you haven’t done it already, it’s funny, it’s brilliantly made, and it’s probably much more interesting than most movies produced by Hollywood these days.

Speaking of funny, Kat has been craking me up with an impersonation of Mr. T that is neither accurate or well crafted but that still gets me every single time. I went to bed last night with a sore jaw, thinking I have never met someone who could made me laugh so hard so often. I guess I’m lucky.

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April 20

On Saturday, Kat and I had our first anniversary. Whoa, a full year has passed since we first met… it blows my mind when I think about it because so much has happened in such short period of time that I often feel like we have been together for ages. It reminds me of what Joshua Foer wrote in Moonwalking with Einstein: “Monotony collapses time; novelty unfolds it.”

Anyway, Saturday was a fantastic day with blue skies so I cycled all the way to Sort Kaffe og Vinyl in Vesterbro to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun and then decided to drop by Sound Station to soak up some of that joyful atmosphere they always create on Record Store Day. They really do make an effort to make everyone feel welcome. I had promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything but as soon as I started browsing through the shop’s wonderful stock of vinyls, I knew I was going to have a hard time living up to the vow of restraint I had naively taken.

Things started slowly, bagging just a couple of records: Groundhogs’ “Who Will Save The World?” (which I wanted mostly for the cover artwork) and The Band’s “The Last Waltz”, which I thought would make for a great anniversary present considering it’s one of Kat’s favourite records. I kept on looking and I kept finding stuff I liked: Spiritualized’s “Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re Floating In Space” and Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”; nothing particularly special about them, they are just records I really enjoy. At this point, I was kind of ready to leave but on my way to the counter I spotted two girls in the shop, one holding a copy of the “Singles” soundtrack and the other one with a Screaming Trees record… I knew right away there was a section of the shop I was missing. I went back to the entrance and looked around. There it was, an entire “Alternative and Heavy” selection of records I hadn’t checked when I arrived.

In hindsight, I should have walked away from it but I just couldn’t, I had to see what they had. That’s when things got a bit out of control: Soundgarden’s “Louder Than Live” white label promo, “The Day I Tried To Live” 12″ etched vinyl, and “Jesus Christ Pose” special edition 4-track etched vinyl; Iron Maiden’s “Live After Dead” (Dutch version with inner sleeves and a booklet full of my friend Ross Halfin’s photos), “The Number of the Beast” and “A Real Dead One” label promo on clear vinyl; AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” and “The Razor’s Edge”; Slinth’s “Spiderland” and The Kink’s greatest hits, which I eventually got for free courtesy of the shop.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.20.07

In the end, I took home THIRTEEN records! Fucking ridiculous. I cycled home holding to full bags of vinyl hanging from my bike’s handlebar, with a big smile on my face and the wind blowing in my hair (and the bags), making my ride home slightly harder than usual. Shortly after I got home, Kat arrived with our new dining table (a red, round piece from the 60’s) and we went for a walk around Bispebjerg Kirkegård to see the cherry trees and their famous blossoms, which are probably a local trending topic on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.19.51

I hadn’t seen them before and I have to say, the view is stunning. We got a couple of random people to take a picture of us standing under the trees, both with my phone and our Instax mini camera, and much to my surprise, the results were quite nice. We went back home, listened to some of our new records and left the house again around 5pm to go to Taller, a new restaurant in town with a menu inspired by Venezuelan gastronomy and flavours. We were a bit skeptical at first but once we finished, both Kat and I agreed it was probably one of the nicest dinners we have ever had together.

The Venezuelan influence was clearly reflected in the majority of the dishes we tried (especially the mini arepas, the guasacaca and the dessert) and the wine they paired with our 4-course menu couldn’t have been better. On top of that, the service was impeccable. We’re definitely coming back once they change the menu, we had an outstanding experience.

On Sunday, we went with Monika to Louisiana Museum to check the Richard Mosse exhibition, and to enjoy the weather. I had never been to Louisiana before and I was blown away by its beauty. It’s was so quiet and green, with a wonderful garden overlooking the sea. I don’t know why I hadn’t visited before but I will do my best to come back often, it really is an amazing place. We went through the permanent exhibitions, including the Gleaming Lights installation by Yayoi Kusama, and ended up with the Richard Mosse exhibition, which was terrific. Those photos really strike you when you see them in all their glory. Strangely beautiful considering the dark subject that inspired them.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.19.22

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.19.37

We ended the day at home, drinking wine and watching the EELS concert at the Royal Albert Hall, a film I had been wanting to see since I heard it was going to be released.

A great time was had by all.

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February 9

Half the office is away on holidays and I’m here at my desk, watching videos of AC/DC live at River Plate on YouTube, barely able to contain my excitement about the upcoming tour and the fact that, after so many years, I might finally get the chance to see them. Twice, maybe three times if I manage to score a ticket for that Madrid show that sell out within an hour. Kat and I will be in town anyways so I guess it would be just a matter of going to the venue a few hours before the show and see if I can find someone reselling their tickets. It’s a long shot but I will give it a try.

* * * *

Last night we watched “Pitch Perfect”, a movie Kat sold me as a “musical” and that I agreed to watch with trepidation. As it turns out, the film is actually pretty funny and we found ourselves singing, dancing and laughing quite a few times. We also spent most of the movie marvelling at Anna Kendrick’s fantastic boobs, which seem surprisingly big for a girl of such small frame. We both have a crush on her…

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January 12

Back in July last year, Kat and I moved in together but we never got to throw a proper housewarming party at the time so we decided to get that out of the way this weekend and invited some friends over for drinks at our place. I think it was the first time that some of Kat’s friends were together in the same room with some of mine, and despite a silly late-night drunken incident involving a DIY garlic bread, a great time was had by all.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.38.49

Some of our friends didn’t make it to the party, possibly because of the stupid transvestite storm that hit us over the weekend (it was given a female name on the first day and a male name on the second day – that’s progressive Denmark for you all), but those who made it to our home gave us flowers, a bottle of fine Cuban rum, a couple of bottles of wine, a pair of salt & pepper shakers we liked, and a picture framing fund to take care of some posters we have at home. All very nice. The next morning, after doing a quick clean up of the apartment, Kat and I went for coffee and pastries at a café in Nørrebro and then popped in El Giganten to get that new TV we had been talking about for the last couple of months.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.39.43

We figured that if we are spending so much time in front of the telly watching series on HBO most evenings, we might as well give ourselves an upgrade so, after much consideration, comparing features and prices and users reviews, we finally agreed on an LG 55-inch full HD LCD TV that might be just a little bit too big; its name is Alberto and it barely fits on the cabinet we used to have our old TV on. If it was one centimeter bigger, we probably would be looking at new cabinets as we speak.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.39.34

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.39.19

As with every piece of electronic equipment we buy, the set up process didn’t go as smoothly as it should have and we still haven’t been able to find out how to make the antenna signal work but we hook it up to my laptop and our surround sound and spent the rest of the day watching episodes of “Masters of Sex,” a series we liked at the beginning but that we’re feeling a bit meh about it now that we’re close to finish the second season. To be honest, if it wasn’t for all the exposed breasts featured throughout the series, I would have probably given up on it a while ago.

But with Alberto on our side, standing proud in our living room, we will power through and finish what we started. We will not give up and we will not surrender. Our time is now.

* * * *

I just came across a wonderful piece of wisdom, which I recommend you to read: “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck.” 


Despite the loose use of the word “fuck,” which is featured 127 times throughout the article, the author makes a really valid point in an very amusing way and considering the new year has just begun, I’d suggest you to reconsider your fuck-giving policy and follow the advice of Mr. Mark Makson (whoever the fuck he is) and start reserving your fucks for the really fuckworthy situations in life.

After you read the article, I think you would agree with me that it’s indeed worth trying.

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November 19

Last Sunday, Kat and I went to see “I Kælderen,” a documentary by Ulrich Seidl showing a range of Austrian weirdoes doing crazy shit in their basements: a brass-player with a disturbing fascination with Hitler and the Nazi movement, a very odd old woman obsessed with plastic baby dolls, a shooting range owner who dreams of being an opera singer, a guy who keeps a massive snake in a glass tank, an old masochist woman who who enjoys being spanked with Toys R’ Us racquets (and with anything else, really), a guy who believes the power of his ejaculation makes prostitutes fall in love with him; and a dominatrix who keeps a big, hairy, bald naked man as her “love” slave, forcing him to lick her vagina after she pees and makes him wear 1Kg weights hanging from his testicles, among other things.

Strangely enough, some moments were actually funny but for the most part,”I Kælderen” is just plain disturbing. At some point, I found myself covering my eyes (along with half of the audience), not being able to bring myself to see that sex slave have his balls pulled up by a hook attached to a rope hanging from the ceiling while he laid flat on his back, tighten up on a table. Fucking unnerving. However, the documentary is beautifully shot and once you get past the weirdness of the characters involved, it really stands as a very well crafted piece of film.

* * * *

I signed up for gym membership on Monday and actually managed to go yesterday after work, which is an accomplishment in itself. I only did 30 minutes of cardio but nevermind that, I went to the gym! I normally don’t like gymnasiums, they are smelly and noisy and full of people that seem to be more concerned about which pose to strike in front of the mirror than actually getting any exercise done but this gym I have signed up for is different, or at least it seemed like it yesterday. It was still smelly, yes, but there wasn’t any loud techno music, no muscular guys screaming every time they lift a weight and in general, people were focused on their training routines. I liked that.

The idea is to go with my friend Carlos (who seem to be obsessed with exercising these days) two or three times a week, mostly to work on my physiotherapy but also to do some cardio and maybe, just maybe, work on my core a little bit. We’ll see about that.

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November 14

Kat and I went yesterday to see “Messi,” a fantastic film by Álex de la Iglesia documenting Lionel’s life from childhood to international stardom. I must admit, I’m not a Messi fan and I don’t follow football that much these days but I’m so glad Kat took me to see the documentary because I really, really enjoyed. What I liked the most about “Messi” was the format: a mix of testimonials, reenactments of some of Lionel’s crucial moments, rare footage and live action sequences, all nicely put together to tell one hell of a story.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 14.29.56

I particularly liked the idea of getting Messi’s childhood friends, school teachers, teammates, technical directors, trainers and some biographers and journalists, all together in one dining room, to share stories and opinions about Lionel. That and a funny quote from one of the journalists, I think, who put in perspective the usual comparison between Maradona and Messi by saying something like: “Messi is the Argentinian we (Argentinians) all would like to be, and Maradona is just the Argentinian that we are.” I thought that was brilliant.

Off tonight to see “Super Duper Alice Cooper” (recommended by one of my co-workers who is a big Alice Cooper fan) and then possibly to get some drinks with my friend Carlos, who’s having his graduation dinner tonight and just texted me saying he is in the mood to get drunk. Oh, kids these days, they all just want to get wasted…

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November 10

Things are shaking up a bit. It’s mostly work-related stuff and I’m probably overreacting to it but it still makes me anxious and puts my brain in overdrive. I hate when that happens.

* * * *

Kat and I went to see three films during the first week of CPH:DOX and I have to say, most of them were very disappointing, especially one entitled “iPhoneChina”, which had a rather interesting premise: If Apple were a state, would you rather want to live in Apple or in China? I was curious to find out how the filmmaker had decided to develop that idea and what I found was a slightly pretentious film that feels as if the director went to China on holidays, shot a lot of handheld video, then came back home and decided to put together a raw film that points out a few observations (some of them quite obvious) but was too lazy to explore them further. As the film progressed, I just kept asking myself: when is this techno-futuristic bollocks going to end?

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 14.52.07

After the movie, we met up with Carlos and Marisa for drinks at Lidkoeb, a really cool bar in Vesterbro, which was actually one of the first bars I visited when I moved to Copenhagen. We had a few cocktails and decided to go home around midnight, not before making a quick stop at 7Eleven to get baby bites, a wonderful sausage roll with ketchup, which is probably one of Denmark’s greatest inventions.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 15.19.51

Oh, and over the weekend we also saw “Jimi: All is by my side”, the Jimi Hendrix biopic, which turned out to be quite nice; Andre 3000 totally smashed it and brilliantly captured Hendrix’s charm and coolness through a very convincing performance. The movie has its flaws and if you are a hardcore fan, you will probably find it a bit frustrating, but overall, it was very entertaining.

Now, allow me to drastically change subject and draw your attention to this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 14.52.27

I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure that a bicycle helmet loses some of its protective properties when worn on top of a thick furry hat. What’s more disconcerting is the fact that there was NO BIKE! That’s right, this was just someone waiting for the bus on a sunny autumn day. Makes no fucking sense.

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November 4

As you can see, I’m finding it hard to keep up with the diary these days. It must be the winter. Anyway, quick recap:

Friday: started drinking wine at 3pm in the office, then headed to Mother with Kat for a celebratory dinner; my friend Carlos defended his thesis that day and we decided to treat him to some bubbles and pizza. It was lovely. After dinner, we walked to a bar on Viktoriagade for one more beer before we decided it was time to wrap it up and finally headed home. In the end, I had 3 glasses of red wine, 1 1/2 beers, 1 glass of prosecco, 1 coke, a plate of pasta and a slice of pizza. Not a bad Friday night.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 13.19.25

Saturday: Kat and I went shopping for present for my little niece. The original idea was to get her some tiny shoes and tiny socks but ended up getting 4 sweaters, 1 dress, 4 pairs of shoes, 6 pairs of socks, 2 trousers, a headband and Minnie Mouse ears. Oh, and I got an Apple TV. We might have gotten a bit carried away with ourselves. In the evening, Kat went to a high school reunion somewhere in town and I stayed home, watching TV. She came back home at 2:30am, a bit drunk. It was really funny.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 13.19.45

Sunday: Kat woke up slightly hungover so we went for a glorious breakfast at Bankeråt, then walked a bit around Østerdsparken, shopped more presents for my family and finally ran out of energy and went back home for a nap and an evening in front of the TV, watching the second episode of “Sonic Highways” and “Mission to Lars”, that documentary about a guy with Fragile X Syndrome who goes on a journey with his siblings to meet Lars Ulrich in America. It was a nice film, I just wonder if Lars and the Metallica camp would have been so helpful and friendly if they knew there wasn’t any documentary being made about it. Just a thought.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 13.51.30

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 13.51.02

It’s now Tuesday and I have just been to a very short interview at Studieskolen, the school in which I plan to take Danish classes; they called me in for a quick chat and to see how familiar I was with basic grammar concepts and sentence structure in English; they say the pace of the lessons in that particular school tends to be faster than the average and the always try to make sure people can keep up with it. They say they will do their best to offer me a place in the school and if everything goes well, I should be starting next week. We’ll see about that…

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October 27

The clocks have turned backwards one hour, winter is officially here. On Friday, Kat and I went to Cinemateket to see “PJ20”, the Pearl Jam documentary directed by Cameron Crowe. We both liked it but agreed that “Back and Forth”, the Foo Fighters film, did a better job at telling a more comprehensive story about the band; in “PJ20” there are lots of conflicts that are left unexplored and although it was great to see rare footage of the band’s early days, it would have been nice to see Crowe going a little bit deeper into certain subjects, like Eddie’s relationship with the band around the “No Code” era, the power-struggle between Eddie and Stone, the whole story about the drummers… you know, he could have push things a little bit.

However, “PJ20” is a very enjoyable film, one that had the same impact that most of these music documentaries have on me: they all make me a) wish I had more pictures and videos of my childhood and my teenage years and b) wish I’ve had a long-time friend. I know it sounds silly but that’s how I feel. I think that, because I moved from one city to another at very particular times in my life, I never got the chance to bond with someone the way some of these guys did; I see Dave and Taylor, E and The Chet, Eddie and Jeff, and I can’t help to feel a bit jealous about their relationship. I guess it’s the kind of compromise that usually comes with with the desire of living abroad and experiencing new things, you have to give up certain things in order to achieve new ones.


On Sunday, Kat and I went for coffee at KaffeKilden, then made a short visit to the National Museum to see “Fur – An Issue of Life and Death”, an exhibition about fur clothing which includes historical and contemporary fur garments from the northern hemisphere (chinchilla fur FTW), then headed to Fisketorvet for lunch and finally to Cinemateket again to see “Blood Ties”, a Danish documentary about a seriously fucked up family. At the beginning, I swear I thought it was some sort of mockumentary but it soon became obvious to me that it was actually the real deal. It was a sad and depressing film that made me feel so grateful for my family and fortunate to have what I have; fuck the longtime childhood friend and the pictures and videos from my teenage years, things could be much worse. No doubts about it.

* * * *

Went to the doctor today to get the results of my blood tests: both my vitamins and cholesterol levels are fine and I have been informed I’m HIV negative. Phew. I don’t know why but I get terribly anxious every time I get tested, despite knowing how careful and sexually responsible I have been over the years. In my head, it’s like the supermarket cart; you know no one will take anything out if you leave it unattended but you still keep an eye on it. Anyway, glad to know everything is good with my blood.

Just a couple of hours ago, Gavin showed me the new issue of Plethora, a beautiful independent magazine founded in Copenhagen that is packed with “poster-size visual indulgence and tales from the life less ordinary presented in a careful blend of quirky archive material, wondrous art prints and contemporary artist features.” The newest issue features an article about the Zambian Space Program led by grade school science teacher Edward Makuka Nkoloso, who dreamt of shooting Zambians into space back in the 1960’s. How come I had never heard about this before? Bloody brilliant. I googled it up and turns out there is a short documentary about it, which is now part of my to-do list, and a few documents online, including this fantastic clip:

Afronauts, they just made my day.

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October 22

We watched the first episode of “Sonic Highways” last night, it was fantastic! Not only the idea behind the TV series is fascinating but it’s also nicely delivered; well directed, entertaining and interesting, not only for a Foo Fighters fan but for anyone who’s passionate about music. By the way, how cool is “Something from Nothing? That guitar solo and the keyboard parts are fucking great! Anyway, if you haven’t done it yet, go watch the damn thing, you will enjoy it.

* * * *

Yesterday I met up with a guy named Torben, a developer recommended by my friend Sofie, who has kindly agreed to help me put together a website that requires some fairly complex motion tracking.  We discuss the main idea behind the website and although he admitted there will be some technical challenges, he seems very keen on figure it out and make it happen. I messaged some of my tech-savvy friends to ask for advice and some of them have already come forward with a few useful suggestions so now we (he) just have to get on it and start doing some tests. Fingers crossed it works out.

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