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January 4

It’s freezing in Copenhagen. After spending a wonderful week in Madrid with Kat, catching up with friends and eating our own weight in food and sweets, we flew back last night and arrived to a very cold Denmark.

Kat’s dad picked us up at the airport, which is always very kind of him, and after a short ride he dropped us home and waved goodbye. We took a shower, unpacked half of our suitcases, order Indian takeaway, and sat in front of the telly in our freshly new furry bathrobes to watch the first two episodes of The Shield.

Despite the chilling temperatures, it was good to be back; not because we didn’t enjoy our time in Madrid (we had a blast!) but maybe because it’s always nice for us to return to the familiarity of our own space. After all, we have spent a good amount of time and money making that place our home.

However, there was something strange about this holiday. For the second time in my life, I spent both Christmas and New Year’s Eve far from my family in Venezuela (the first time ever was in 2010 and it affected me in more ways I could have imagined), the only difference was this time around I had Kat in my life and her company made the situation remarkably better.

Knowing we wouldn’t be able to make it to Venezuela to see my family, she bought us flight tickets to Madrid to see some of my closest friends, many of whom I consider an extended family of sorts. Even though I have known them for just a few years, they welcomed us in their homes like long-time friends would, and for that I’m very grateful.

Kat and her family also went out of their way to make my first Christmas in Denmark very special, one filled with delicious food and lovely presents and the fuzzy warmth that comes with blood ties. I was sad to not have been able to see the beautiful faces of my family, sad of not being able to hug them and tell them how much I love them, but finding myself in that situation also made me realize how lucky I am to have friends around me and Kat on my side.

Unlike 2012 (bloody fucking tyrant!), 2015 was fantastic. The highlights are too long to list but you must know that I loved and laughed and was happier that I have ever been in a long while. As we kickoff 2016, the fears that haunt me on the outset of every new year inevitably sink in, but so does an equally powerful desire to give 2015 a little run for its money.

I will try to be better and happier, and although there is no guarantee I will succeed, I sure will give it my best shot.

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October 27

The clocks have turned backwards one hour, winter is officially here. On Friday, Kat and I went to Cinemateket to see “PJ20”, the Pearl Jam documentary directed by Cameron Crowe. We both liked it but agreed that “Back and Forth”, the Foo Fighters film, did a better job at telling a more comprehensive story about the band; in “PJ20” there are lots of conflicts that are left unexplored and although it was great to see rare footage of the band’s early days, it would have been nice to see Crowe going a little bit deeper into certain subjects, like Eddie’s relationship with the band around the “No Code” era, the power-struggle between Eddie and Stone, the whole story about the drummers… you know, he could have push things a little bit.

However, “PJ20” is a very enjoyable film, one that had the same impact that most of these music documentaries have on me: they all make me a) wish I had more pictures and videos of my childhood and my teenage years and b) wish I’ve had a long-time friend. I know it sounds silly but that’s how I feel. I think that, because I moved from one city to another at very particular times in my life, I never got the chance to bond with someone the way some of these guys did; I see Dave and Taylor, E and The Chet, Eddie and Jeff, and I can’t help to feel a bit jealous about their relationship. I guess it’s the kind of compromise that usually comes with with the desire of living abroad and experiencing new things, you have to give up certain things in order to achieve new ones.


On Sunday, Kat and I went for coffee at KaffeKilden, then made a short visit to the National Museum to see “Fur – An Issue of Life and Death”, an exhibition about fur clothing which includes historical and contemporary fur garments from the northern hemisphere (chinchilla fur FTW), then headed to Fisketorvet for lunch and finally to Cinemateket again to see “Blood Ties”, a Danish documentary about a seriously fucked up family. At the beginning, I swear I thought it was some sort of mockumentary but it soon became obvious to me that it was actually the real deal. It was a sad and depressing film that made me feel so grateful for my family and fortunate to have what I have; fuck the longtime childhood friend and the pictures and videos from my teenage years, things could be much worse. No doubts about it.

* * * *

Went to the doctor today to get the results of my blood tests: both my vitamins and cholesterol levels are fine and I have been informed I’m HIV negative. Phew. I don’t know why but I get terribly anxious every time I get tested, despite knowing how careful and sexually responsible I have been over the years. In my head, it’s like the supermarket cart; you know no one will take anything out if you leave it unattended but you still keep an eye on it. Anyway, glad to know everything is good with my blood.

Just a couple of hours ago, Gavin showed me the new issue of Plethora, a beautiful independent magazine founded in Copenhagen that is packed with “poster-size visual indulgence and tales from the life less ordinary presented in a careful blend of quirky archive material, wondrous art prints and contemporary artist features.” The newest issue features an article about the Zambian Space Program led by grade school science teacher Edward Makuka Nkoloso, who dreamt of shooting Zambians into space back in the 1960’s. How come I had never heard about this before? Bloody brilliant. I googled it up and turns out there is a short documentary about it, which is now part of my to-do list, and a few documents online, including this fantastic clip:

Afronauts, they just made my day.

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August 19

It’s my sister’s birthday today. I have been missing my family’s birthdays (except for my Dad’s, which I was able to attend just once, a couple of years ago) for the last four years, and every time it happens, I wish I could be there with them. Living abroad have its perks, many of them, but it also have a few downsides and missing out on my family’s birthdays is certainly one of them. It really sucks.

* * * * * 

Kat left to Berlin this morning with her mum. I’m suppose to do some grocery shopping and cook a healthy dinner but I will probably end up ordering takeaway and watching telly, all by myself (intone in the style of Eric Carmen, for dramatic effect).


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February 10

Just got home from a very nice meeting with Vanessa, a Canadian Interaction Designer living in Copenhagen, who I contacted a few weeks ago in regards of a personal project I would like to develop a bit further. She brought along a really nice guy named Christian, who works with sound, and the three of us spent an hour chatting away and discussing potential creative pathways we would like to explore. They seem very interested in taking part and helping push the idea forward, which is quite exciting. Can’t wait to see what comes out of this.

Unfortunately, the day was somewhat eclipsed by the sad news of Michele’s Dad passing away. I knew his Dad had been struggling for a while, so although I know he and his family were expecting this to happen relatively soon, it breaks my heart that he didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. That’s probably my biggest fear about living abroad, the possibility of something terrible happening to my family while I’m so far away. Just the thought of it brings a lump to my throat.

I do hope he and his family find the strength and courage to overcome such difficult times, may his Dad rest in peace.

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