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November 21

Kat started her Spanish classes yesterday and it seems I will be starting my Danish classes next month, which is both exciting and scary. It’s been almost two years since I moved to Denmark and during that time I always avoided the subject, partly because I wasn’t particularly thrilled about the idea of spending almost three hours in a classroom after a long day of work, but I refused to sign up for Danish classes mostly because I was terrified by the possibility of embarrassing myself in public.

I know it’s stupid, especially considering everyone taking up those classes is probably in the same situation as me, but the truth is that I find group learning terribly intimidating. It makes me feel vulnerable and anxious. Add to that the fact that you don’t really need to speak Danish to get by in Copenhagen and you have the perfect excuse to avoid learning the language all together. I just didn’t see the point in doing it.

In fact, when I first came Denmark, I wasn’t planning to stay and I saw my time here as a transition phase; a convenient time-off to get some money, travel and reorganize my strategy in order to find my way back to London. But then I met Kat and everything changed. Suddenly, Denmark stopped being a back-up plan and became the plan, and although that means giving up on the idea of moving back to England and work in a big advertising agency, it also represents the start of a new stage of my life I’m really looking forward to. If I’m entirely honest, so far the trade off seems totally worth it.

The only downside to it is, of course, that I can’t postpone these bloody Danish classes anymore and will need to find a way to get my body to produce those impossible guttural scandinavian sounds; anatomically, I know my throat has everything it needs to pronounce every single Danish word there is, I just can’t figure out the way to do it. Once I get started with my classes, I suspect I will hate every minute spent on that classroom, every homework and every awkward attempt to read out loud some illegible sentence from my textbook in front of a dozen students, but I will give it a shot and I’ll try my best.

Kat’s doing her bit, it would only be fair to do mine.

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