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November 10

Things are shaking up a bit. It’s mostly work-related stuff and I’m probably overreacting to it but it still makes me anxious and puts my brain in overdrive. I hate when that happens.

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Kat and I went to see three films during the first week of CPH:DOX and I have to say, most of them were very disappointing, especially one entitled “iPhoneChina”, which had a rather interesting premise: If Apple were a state, would you rather want to live in Apple or in China? I was curious to find out how the filmmaker had decided to develop that idea and what I found was a slightly pretentious film that feels as if the director went to China on holidays, shot a lot of handheld video, then came back home and decided to put together a raw film that points out a few observations (some of them quite obvious) but was too lazy to explore them further. As the film progressed, I just kept asking myself: when is this techno-futuristic bollocks going to end?

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 14.52.07

After the movie, we met up with Carlos and Marisa for drinks at Lidkoeb, a really cool bar in Vesterbro, which was actually one of the first bars I visited when I moved to Copenhagen. We had a few cocktails and decided to go home around midnight, not before making a quick stop at 7Eleven to get baby bites, a wonderful sausage roll with ketchup, which is probably one of Denmark’s greatest inventions.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 15.19.51

Oh, and over the weekend we also saw “Jimi: All is by my side”, the Jimi Hendrix biopic, which turned out to be quite nice; Andre 3000 totally smashed it and brilliantly captured Hendrix’s charm and coolness through a very convincing performance. The movie has its flaws and if you are a hardcore fan, you will probably find it a bit frustrating, but overall, it was very entertaining.

Now, allow me to drastically change subject and draw your attention to this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 14.52.27

I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure that a bicycle helmet loses some of its protective properties when worn on top of a thick furry hat. What’s more disconcerting is the fact that there was NO BIKE! That’s right, this was just someone waiting for the bus on a sunny autumn day. Makes no fucking sense.

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October 23

Last night, I went out for a drink with Csilla, an Hungarian girl I met a while ago. It had been over a month since we last met so we decided to catch up and try a bar called “Out of Juice”, which is just around the corner from where I work. They have a Happy Hour on cocktails from 8-10pm from Monday to Wednesday but we arrived at 9:20pm so we only managed to score a couple of rounds before the magic was over. Csilla pretty much convinced me to go to Sziget Festival next year, it sounds like people have a terrific time there (and I also have a couple of good friends living in Budapest so it could be quite a nice trip).

Things at work are starting to get a big hectic; I have just been thrown into a big LEGO project, got a nice little campaign approved and have a couple of other small projects on the side, which means I will be quite busy in the next couple of months. I’m also trying to find some time to learn a craft. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while but can’t decide what exactly is it that I want to do; screenprinting and woodcarving seem to be the options I feel more excited about but still, I haven’t done anything concrete about it. Need to stop pigeonholing and get on with it.

Today I sent out the invitations for our housewarming party, which it’s gonna take place on November 2. The only problem is that The National is playing Copenhagen that night and many of my friends are attending so I suspect there will be a few people missing in action. Hopefully, it will still be a fun gathering.

Finally, here’s a couple of pictures of that suit I rolled up in a backpack a couple of months ago, taken by my good friend Rafa. I really like the one with Ara and Quico, I think we look great.



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