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November 14

Kat and I went yesterday to see “Messi,” a fantastic film by Álex de la Iglesia documenting Lionel’s life from childhood to international stardom. I must admit, I’m not a Messi fan and I don’t follow football that much these days but I’m so glad Kat took me to see the documentary because I really, really enjoyed. What I liked the most about “Messi” was the format: a mix of testimonials, reenactments of some of Lionel’s crucial moments, rare footage and live action sequences, all nicely put together to tell one hell of a story.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 14.29.56

I particularly liked the idea of getting Messi’s childhood friends, school teachers, teammates, technical directors, trainers and some biographers and journalists, all together in one dining room, to share stories and opinions about Lionel. That and a funny quote from one of the journalists, I think, who put in perspective the usual comparison between Maradona and Messi by saying something like: “Messi is the Argentinian we (Argentinians) all would like to be, and Maradona is just the Argentinian that we are.” I thought that was brilliant.

Off tonight to see “Super Duper Alice Cooper” (recommended by one of my co-workers who is a big Alice Cooper fan) and then possibly to get some drinks with my friend Carlos, who’s having his graduation dinner tonight and just texted me saying he is in the mood to get drunk. Oh, kids these days, they all just want to get wasted…

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