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May 28

Good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I was inform today that my project was not among the winner of the scholarship I applied to a couple of weeks ago. It’s a bummer because I truly believe it would have been an amazing project to take on but fuck it, that’s just the way things are. Better luck next time.

The good news is that Kat and I are traveling to Madrid for the weekend and the weather forecast looks like this:



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May 20

So, after a week doing research on cultural anthropology and the future of technology, I have finally written and submitted my application to the Ole Stig Lommer scholarship. It was a bit hard to figure out what what I wanted to do but I think the topic I ended up choosing is interesting and I would love to get the money to explore it further. Fingers crossed.

On a different note, going through the bands that will be playing Northside this year, I discovered the work of Mathew E. White and let me tell you… I’m digging it, yo. I listened to “Fresh Blood” for a few days and like it, and now I’m listening to “Big Inner” and I think is a pretty sweet record, too. I also checked out a live performance in the KEPX studio and I can now say that I’m really looking forward to see him in Aarhus next month.

Now, did I mentioned I’m going to Paris this weekend to see AC/DC play the massive Stade de France?


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May 12

I have been meaning to write here for a few days now but I simply couldn’t find a way around, I was either too busy working or too busy watching TV at home with Kat. Most of the times, I was too busy watching TV at home with Kat. We signed up for Netflix last month (in addition to our existing HBO subscription) and we have been having a great time in our couch, going through episodes of Bosch, The Fall, Games of Thrones, Broadchurch, and a few documentaries thrown in for good measure. We do love seating there every night to watch TV, it’s one of the things we do best.

When I haven’t been busy staring at the telly, I have been at work, trying to put together a proposal to apply for a grant awarded by a Danish organization to advertising professionals that want to undertake a year-long research project around a topic that can bring new perspectives to the advertising industry in Denmark. My boss suggested me to give it a shot so I decided to go ahead with it. After talking to a few people in the business, and pondering the kind of project I would enjoy doing, I finally settled on a topic I genuinely believe could be interesting to explore, mostly because I don’t know anything about it and also because it could give me the opportunity to travel around and talk to really smart folks.

My deadline is May 26 and so far I have most of the research done and a rough outline laid out, so all I have to do now is start writing. That is usually the trickiest bit, though. I spent a week going through articles, books, videos and academic papers, taking notes and trying to figure out what exactly the focus of my proposal was. It’s such a broad topic that it has been hard to narrow the scope down, but I think I have finally found a way. Maybe. I will start writing tomorrow and hopefully I will have a first draft ready next Monday, if everything goes well. Then it would be just a matter to make a few corrections, proof read and send it out. Wish me luck.

* * * *

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from the Venezuelan Embassy letting me know my new passport had arrived. This shouldn’t be an event, but in my case, it really is. You see, early this year I lost my passport so had to apply to a new one, but unlike most countries, mine takes forever to process such paperwork. It’s just the way it is. The estimate processing time was 3 months but surprisingly, it only took them a month to go through my application, make a new passport and send it back to Denmark. That is fantastic news. Why? Because before losing my passport, Kat and I had booked a trip to Paris next week and a trip to Madrid the week after, both of which we thought we were going to need to cancel as soon as we heard how long my new passport was going to take.

But then yesterday, I miraculously received a notification informing me the document was ready, and today I just went to the Embassy and picked it up. Which means I will get to go to Paris with Kat next week and see AC/DC playing at Stade de France. My first AC/DC show! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this, and how much I am looking forward to visit Paris with Kat. I’m happy to go anywhere with Kat, really.

But Paris… va être parfait!

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December 12

Yesterday, I finally had my first Danish class and although it went relatively ok, it’s clear I will need to get my shit together really quickly if I want to stand a chance to keep up with everyone else. After just 2 classes, it was evident there are some people in my class who have a better grasp of the basic words and grammar although most of my classmates are more or less at my same level, which is a bit reassuring. Tom, our teacher, is quite nice actually; he seems to be very understanding and makes you feel at ease, even when confronted with questions you’re supposed to answer to on the fly. I like him.

* * * *

We’re throwing an 80s themed Christmas party today at work. You could tell from far away.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 11.42.41

I was too lazy to go for a very elaborated outfit so I thought I’d dress up like Darryl McDanields from Run DMC, for a couple of reasons:

a) The look would be relatively simple to achieve, all I’d need is a tracksuit, a golden chain, a white t-shirt, hat, a fake mustache and white shoes.

b) If anyone else decides to dress up as Run DMC too, it would still be ok. Actually, if would have been ideal if two of my co-workers had also decided to opt for the same idea, that way it would have been the three of us shouting in unison the last words of every sentence spoken at the party tonight. I’m sure people would have found it both funny and annoying.

c) Even if my skin tone is not quite the same as Darryl’s, compared to the rest of my co-workers I’m still the brownest guy around, so technically I’m still on brief.

Now, I thought that going for a DMC look was easy enough but less than 3 hours before the party starts, I still have no hat, no white shoes, no t-shirt and no mustache. Typical me. I know I can sort out the hat, the t-shirt and the mustache but I’m afraid I’m not going to able to deliver in the shoe department. You see, last night I tried to paint some old black adidas shoes with white spray paint but it didn’t go well; the shoes kept sucking up the paint and after almost emptying an entire can spray, the shoes were still looking dark so I decided to give up and wear gray Nike trainers instead.

Fuck it. Let’s just assume I’m “Drunk DMC” for today and blame the outfit mismatch to the alcohol, which I assume I’ll be consuming in copious amounts tonight.


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December 10

Yesterday, I woke up at 5:30am to take a bus to the Central Station to then go on a 2-hour train journey to Vejle to then take a cab to LEGO’s Innovation House for a 7-hour video shoot. Needless to say, it was a long day. On our way to LEGO, we heard on the radio The Rembrandts’s “I’ll Be There For You” aka the Friends theme song…it hit me then that it was probably the first time I’ve heard that song in its entirety, and being played through a telecommunication medium other than the TV.

Which just comes to show what a great bad The Rembrandts are, I guess.

* * * *

I have so much shit to do before I head home for Christmas that I’m starting to get a little bit anxious. Just today, I need to meet Carlos and Marisa for dinner as Carlos just got a job this morning and wants to celebrate, then I have to go home to review a whole chapter of my Danish book, go through the class I missed yesterday, do the homework I need to bring tomorrow AND catch up with our Christmas calendar, whose windows we keep forgetting to open.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.55.51

Then there’s my physio exercises, the presents for Kat’s parents I still need to buy, the ones I got Kat for her birthday/Christmas that I still need to wrap, the 80’s outfit that I still need to sort out before the office Christmas’ party on Friday, the physio bill I need to send to my insurance company for refund, the paperwork I still need to do to register as a Venezuelan resident officially relocated to Denmark (after 2 years, I still haven’t updated it)… it’s all piling up, damn it.

Anyway, let’s just file this post under #firstworldproblems and move on.

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October 24

Last week, my left hand’s thumb started to hurt a bit and now the pain has taken over my wrist and forearm, too. I have no idea how this happened but I must have sprained my hand or have some sort of tendonitis; I can move my hand but I can’t hold things properly because the moment I put a bit of pressure on my thumb, I get a lightning-bolt like pain that goes from my finger, through my wrist, all the way to the elbow. It sucks balls.

* * * *

I have discovered a new coffeeshop on my neighborhood that I really like, it’s called KaffeKilden and it has the most amazing chocolate croissants I have had in a long time. The only downside to the place is the music, which is fucking awful. Every morning I have dropped by for breakfast, they had a terrible radio show on with some moronic hosts playing moronic pop. It reminded me of why I love Sort Kaffe og Vinyl so much.

Still, it’s good news that KaffeKilden exists; it means that I don’t have to go all the way to Vesterbro whenever I feel like having a good cup of coffee anymore, now I can jump on a bus and in 10 minutes I could be sipping freshly brewed coffee and munching chocolate croissants. I just need to remember to bring some headphones, I wouldn’t be able to stand that talk show for too long.

* * * *

Got to the office this morning to find out the agency has been performing so well that we’re getting a month’s pay as a bonus.


The announcement was made during full-house agency meeting and the good news came accompanied with a bottle of Gosset champagne, which they handed out at the end. Very nice. If only I could have been able to clap properly…

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September 2

After spending the weekend in London, Kat and I are now in Brighton. First time we both visit the city and I think we both like it, especially today that weather is so nice.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 13.24.34

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 13.25.05

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 13.24.49


Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 13.25.28

I’m here to attend Reasons to be Creative, a 3-day conference that focuses on design, art and technology. So far, there has been a strange mix of really good speakers and underwhelming keynotes from which I expected a lot more. That’s the thing with these kind of events, I guess; it’s hard to tell which talks you will really enjoy based solely on the information provided beforehand.

Very often I feel like I’ve made the wrong choice and wish I had decided to see someone else instead. Except for Mr. Bingo, of course, who always smashes it. His talk last night’s was everything I could hope for: it was funny, insightful, witty and made me a little jealous inside. Wish it had been longer. After the talk, I went to say hello and took the opportunity to get my copy of “Hate Mail” signed. As you can see, Mr. Bingo got a bit emotional about it.


This morning, Kat and I went for a walk along the seaside, it was lovely. Really nice and quiet. Then met up again for lunch and decided to get some fish and chips, which Kat had never tried, and decided to sit by the beach.

Bad idea.

I got gangbanged by a bunch of seagulls who took away half of my fish, the rest I threw away…

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August 28

Yesterday, I woke up at 6am to jump on a bus, then a train and then a car to drive all the way up to Billund for a work meeting at LEGO. God, waking up before 7am is bloody painful. I set the alarm clock at 5:50am and instead of relaxing and relying on technology to wake me up on time, I spent the night all fidgety, rolling over and over again. It’s always the same, every time I need to wake up early to catch a flight or make it to an early appointment, no matter how many alarm clocks I have around me, I never get proper sleep. It’s stupid.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 16.09.28

The good news is that the meeting went down well and we got things approved, which is always nice. I also got to visit the LEGO headquarters for the first time, too. It’s a cool place in which most of the people I saw looked like they were having a nice time and enjoyed doing what they do. I reckon all those happy faces and pretty smiles get shattered the moment they step out of that building and into the absolute boredom that reigns in Billund but hey, at least they are working for LEGO. They could be living in Billund and having a shit job so, all things considered, it probably isn’t that bad.

* * * *

Today I met up with Anna for lunch to discuss that little video game we are working on; she has already contacted a few good people who seem interested in lending a hand to make it happen so I’m looking forward to see what comes out of this. I like Anna, she gets shit done.

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August 25

Great news: I got my UK visa approved so Kat and I are heading to London and Brighton on Friday. London, baby! I’m really looking forward to this trip, not only because I will get to catch up with some of my best friends, whom I haven’t seen in a good while, but also because Kat is coming along and I will get the chance to take her to some of my favourite places and walk around the city I love so much. The other day I came across an article in which an Australian freelance journalist eloquently described what it feels like to leave London, and I found myself nodding along as I read, overwhelmed by a strange mix of happiness and nostalgia; on one hand, I was happy to be able to relate through personal experience to that London life she was talking about, and on the other hand, I got a bit sentimental about it because whether I like to admit it or not, I still miss London.

Don’t get me wrong, things are great in Copenhagen and I’m truly enjoying living with Kat. She has upgraded my Danish experience from Economy to First Class and has really made a big difference in my life and the way I relate to the city, but deep down, I still miss my friends and some of the places I grew so fond of over the years I spent in London. It’s only natural, I guess. Living in London has been the greatest experience of my life and so much happened during those three years that it would be impossible to forget about it. The good thing is that now I have a one-year visa and I have Kat, who I’m sure will make me look at the city in new light and turn every single trip to London into an unforgettable affair. I really can’t wait.

* * * * 

Last Friday, we had a Summer Party at Advance. Monika, Rune, Jon, Sabrina and I were in charge of organizing it so we decided (well, Monika and Sabrina did) to throw a Rockabilly-themed bash, because nothing says Danish summer like girls in bullet bras and bright red lipstick, and dudes in pompadours and tight jeans, right? We started at 3pm with a bit of bowling, then burgers and cocktails at 6pm and then all sorts of alcohol, cake and live music back in the office from 9pm until 2am. I left at 11pm, mind you, but let’s not talk about that.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 09.40.33

All in all, everyone had a great time. The Orgelheimers, the band that played, was terrific (check them out) and people looked fantastic especially some of the girls, who really should make that 50’s style an everyday thing. I also dressed up for the occasion, of course, although I took the easy way and ended up on the Grease side of rockabilly, as most dudes. You know… black jeans, white t-shirt, leather jacket, black boots and fake tattoos. Two of them, to be precise: a hot female sailor on my right arm and a big heart lock with the word “Mom” on it, next to a yellow flower and fresh leaves, all over my left forearm. Considering it was a corny design, It looked great. Everyone said so. I liked it too, so much so that I’m seriously considering to get a proper tattoo and if I ever figure out what is it that I would like to get permanently engraved on my skin, it will definitely be on one my forearms, most likely the right one. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 09.40.42

I Skyped with my parents the day after the party and showed them my fake tattoo, which I guess looked very convincing on screen. They were not particularly thrilled about it. Not even my mom, can you believe it? I should have probably gotten a tattoo with the word “dog” on it, I’m sure Sabrina (my dog, not my co-worker) would have been a bit more excited about it…

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July 3

Bloody hell, I have been busy these days. My friend Rodrigo flew in from London last week, to give a talk entitled “Science fiction and advertising and what we can learn from the real geeks”, and then stayed for six days in which we basically hung out, watched football and drank/ate loads. It was nice to see him after so long.

Alright, I’m off to present one of the projects I’ve been working on and then off to Roskilde for the first official night of the festival. Outkast is opening for The Rolling Stones tonight so it should be a fun evening, as long as it doesn’t rain. I’m nor particularly thrilled by the idea of sleeping in a tent floating on a river of mud, piss and poo so keep your fingers crossed for me, dear readers, and wish me sun.

PS.: Blondie, take care of yourself and Tangerine while I’m away x

UPDATE: Just came out of the meeting. How did it go? Well, let’s just say I NEED a drink.

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