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May 26

So we spent the weekend in Paris and I couldn’t be happier about it. We arrived to Orly airport around 9pm, took a bus to the city centre, then a RER train to St. Michel-Notre Dame station and finally walked a couple of blocks to get to the place where we were staying: a small student apartment we found on Airbnb. The building was quite run down but the flat itself was cozy, clean, and had a very comfortable bed, which was pretty much all we needed.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.22.46

We dropped our bags and went to check out the little light show at the Eiffel Tower. As you would expect, it was packed with tourist and full of locals trying to sell you overpriced bottles of champagne and cheap souvenirs. Once the light show was done, we walked back to Notre Dame, all along the canals, marveling at the hordes of french hipsters drinking, raving and inhaling helium from colorful balloons on both sides of the river. It was amusing.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.23.05

On Saturday morning, we went for breakfast at La Caféothèque, a very nice coffeeshop I read about online. Good coffee, good cakes and friendly staff. We walked around Le Marais and then met up with my friend Laetitia and a friend of hers who was in town visiting, and the four of us went for a drink in a bar close to the canals.

At 5:30pm, I parted ways with them and headed to the Stade de France for the AC/DC show. Once I was inside, I decided to go all the way to the top of the stadium, just to see what it looked like. It was mind-blowing. I had never been in such a massive venue and it looked impressive, even half empty. As the opening acts played, the place got more and more crowded until it was fully packed, just before AC/DC hit the stage at 9pm.

Now, I really could write dozens of pages telling you all about this show, how much it meant for me and how excited I was, but I wouldn’t be capable to bore you with those details. Instead, I will just tell you this: if you ever have the chance to catch AC/DC on tour, please do, I promise you won’t regret it. If you have seen them live before, then you know perfectly what I’m talking about. They were fantastic and, even though Malcom is no longer in the band and that diminishes the experiences to a certain extent, the truth is that this has been one of the greatest concerts I have ever attended to. Just being in this massive stadium, surrounded by 80,000 crazy metalheads wearing red, blinking devil horns, all singing and dancing like one big family was certainly something I will never forget.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.23.20

I found myself looking at the crowd around me quite a few times, just amazed by the beauty of it all. By the end of the show, a dude next to me, with whom I rocked out throughout the show, was just standing in awe, tears of joy running down his face. Him and his dad had attended the show together and were both very excited. They sang every word, they played air guitar, they threw their fists up in the air… it was awesome. There was a sense of brotherhood that is difficult to describe but that anyone who has experienced it before can easily understand. As he was standing there, all misty-eyed, I gave him a metal hug, thanked him for being such a great concert neighbor (and for taking a picture of me with the stage in the background) and wished him farewell.

The next day, Kat and I jumped on a boat for a tour Seine river cruise and then spent the rest of the day strolling around the city and eating as much as we could. We flew home around 9pm and by midnight we were back in Copenhagen, exhausted but pleased with our trip.

I’m now counting the days to see AC/DC again at Roskilde, I really can’t wait…

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May 20

So, after a week doing research on cultural anthropology and the future of technology, I have finally written and submitted my application to the Ole Stig Lommer scholarship. It was a bit hard to figure out what what I wanted to do but I think the topic I ended up choosing is interesting and I would love to get the money to explore it further. Fingers crossed.

On a different note, going through the bands that will be playing Northside this year, I discovered the work of Mathew E. White and let me tell you… I’m digging it, yo. I listened to “Fresh Blood” for a few days and like it, and now I’m listening to “Big Inner” and I think is a pretty sweet record, too. I also checked out a live performance in the KEPX studio and I can now say that I’m really looking forward to see him in Aarhus next month.

Now, did I mentioned I’m going to Paris this weekend to see AC/DC play the massive Stade de France?


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May 12

I have been meaning to write here for a few days now but I simply couldn’t find a way around, I was either too busy working or too busy watching TV at home with Kat. Most of the times, I was too busy watching TV at home with Kat. We signed up for Netflix last month (in addition to our existing HBO subscription) and we have been having a great time in our couch, going through episodes of Bosch, The Fall, Games of Thrones, Broadchurch, and a few documentaries thrown in for good measure. We do love seating there every night to watch TV, it’s one of the things we do best.

When I haven’t been busy staring at the telly, I have been at work, trying to put together a proposal to apply for a grant awarded by a Danish organization to advertising professionals that want to undertake a year-long research project around a topic that can bring new perspectives to the advertising industry in Denmark. My boss suggested me to give it a shot so I decided to go ahead with it. After talking to a few people in the business, and pondering the kind of project I would enjoy doing, I finally settled on a topic I genuinely believe could be interesting to explore, mostly because I don’t know anything about it and also because it could give me the opportunity to travel around and talk to really smart folks.

My deadline is May 26 and so far I have most of the research done and a rough outline laid out, so all I have to do now is start writing. That is usually the trickiest bit, though. I spent a week going through articles, books, videos and academic papers, taking notes and trying to figure out what exactly the focus of my proposal was. It’s such a broad topic that it has been hard to narrow the scope down, but I think I have finally found a way. Maybe. I will start writing tomorrow and hopefully I will have a first draft ready next Monday, if everything goes well. Then it would be just a matter to make a few corrections, proof read and send it out. Wish me luck.

* * * *

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from the Venezuelan Embassy letting me know my new passport had arrived. This shouldn’t be an event, but in my case, it really is. You see, early this year I lost my passport so had to apply to a new one, but unlike most countries, mine takes forever to process such paperwork. It’s just the way it is. The estimate processing time was 3 months but surprisingly, it only took them a month to go through my application, make a new passport and send it back to Denmark. That is fantastic news. Why? Because before losing my passport, Kat and I had booked a trip to Paris next week and a trip to Madrid the week after, both of which we thought we were going to need to cancel as soon as we heard how long my new passport was going to take.

But then yesterday, I miraculously received a notification informing me the document was ready, and today I just went to the Embassy and picked it up. Which means I will get to go to Paris with Kat next week and see AC/DC playing at Stade de France. My first AC/DC show! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this, and how much I am looking forward to visit Paris with Kat. I’m happy to go anywhere with Kat, really.

But Paris… va être parfait!

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February 9

Half the office is away on holidays and I’m here at my desk, watching videos of AC/DC live at River Plate on YouTube, barely able to contain my excitement about the upcoming tour and the fact that, after so many years, I might finally get the chance to see them. Twice, maybe three times if I manage to score a ticket for that Madrid show that sell out within an hour. Kat and I will be in town anyways so I guess it would be just a matter of going to the venue a few hours before the show and see if I can find someone reselling their tickets. It’s a long shot but I will give it a try.

* * * *

Last night we watched “Pitch Perfect”, a movie Kat sold me as a “musical” and that I agreed to watch with trepidation. As it turns out, the film is actually pretty funny and we found ourselves singing, dancing and laughing quite a few times. We also spent most of the movie marvelling at Anna Kendrick’s fantastic boobs, which seem surprisingly big for a girl of such small frame. We both have a crush on her…

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January 27

It just hit me last night… I have been in Denmark for two years already. Well, two years and two days, exactly. I remember flying out of London on January 25, in the late afternoon, and arriving to a very cold and dark Copenhagen in the evening, half excited about the idea of moving somewhere new and half scared at the possibility of failure in a place that was -and still is in a way- very different to anything I had experienced before; from the culture and the language to the scale of the city, the weather and the social dynamics, Denmark was so unfamiliar to me that, apart from expecting to be surrounded by beautiful blondes at all times (I was right), I don’t even remember having any concrete expectations at all.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.57.24

Two years and two days have passed since and, although there have certainly been some rough patches along the way, I have to say that moving to Copenhagen has been a fantastic experience, well worth of every single lonely night I spent at home, hiding from the cold, wishing I was back in London with my friends.

It has been tough -Denmark can really be a bitch sometimes- and every now and then I still miss parts of my life in England, but things are better than they have ever been in a good while and a sense of belonging is finally developing, after all these years. Yes, it has taken me a while to get here, broken bones and all, but that’s ok. You know what they say…

I might not be in a band but I sure feel like I’m rocking.

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December 18

I have spent almost 40 minutes trying to get tickets for the AC/DC show in Madrid and I can’t still get the fucking website to work; after much struggle, I managed to secure a ticket for the Paris show but Madrid has been impossible. It has always baffled me how ticket companies fail miserably to do the one single thing they are expected to do, time and time again. I mean, a major band announces a big tour and a pre-sale for a show in a massive stadium, they get people excited about it and then, when the time comes to finally put the tickets on sale, the whole thing crashes within seconds? You gotta be kidding me.

14371629 (1)

To add insult to injury, if you ever manage to actually get any tickets after refreshing compulsively the browser window, waiting in a virtual cue for hours, filling up forms over and over again… when that finally pays off, the greedy motherfuckers still charge you a service fee, as if the purchase experience has been flawless and the service provided impeccable.

It reminds me of Transport for London during winter, every year it snows and every year they find themselves not knowing how to deal with the situation accordingly. Yet they charge you a fortune for an Oyster card. Fucking ridiculous.

* * * *

So it was Kat’s birthday yesterday and we had a great time. Early morning she unwrapped her presents, then in the evening we went with her parents to have dinner at Magasasa, our favourite Chinese restaurant. As always, I ordered much more food than I could eat. Kat gently tried to warn me against ordering noodles but I thought that massive portions of crispy chicken in sweet and sour souce, beef in black beans souce, pork, rice, beef with Pa Choi, deep fried wan-ton with chili souce, and spring rolls was not enough so I just went ahead and ordered a big plate of fried noodles with vegetables which, of course, we had to take back home with us (at least Kat won’t have to cook lunch today).

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.41.27

After dinner, Kat and I went back home and had cake with champagne, watched an episode of Masters of Sex, and then had some more champagne and more cake after. Like it should be. It was wonderful.

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December 17

I had my second Danish class yesterday and although I fucked up twice when asked by the teacher to answer a question from the book on the spot, I’d say things are going relatively ok. I can understand *very* basic texts using *very* simple words put together in a *very* straightforward sentence structure BUT at least I understand a bit more than I used to a week ago. I can also count to 20 and my vocabulary is now composed of about 50 words, maybe a little more. That’s progress.

* * * *

It’s Kat’s birthday today. I spent an hour last night trying to properly wrap a couple of presents and writing her birthday card, all of which I handed gleefully to her this morning along with a hot cup of tea. I knew she was going to like one of the presents as it was a personal request she had made a while ago but I was a bit worried she wouldn’t like the one present she hadn’t asked for: a book that compiles all the issues of an infamous British fanzine published between 1987 to 1990, which offered a mix of experimental film and book reviews, true crime novels, wild music, interviews with icons of cult cinema and adult entertainment, weird cartoons and cutting-edge art.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.41.18

I saw the book when we were in Brighton but couldn’t buy it then because she would have inevitably seen it so I just waited until we were back in Copenhagen, bought it online and kept it secret along with the rest of her presents, including the Christmas gifts I will give her before I head home on Saturday. Today, I finally handed the book and I think she liked it. She actually spent a few minutes browsing through the first pages and found a few things she thought were interesting, so hopefully she will enjoy it once she delves into it.

As a side note, we just got tickets for AC/DC in Roskilde! Hooray!

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December 16

“So, how did the Christmas party go?” I hear you asking. Well, dear curious reader, I’m happy to inform you that our 80s themed Christmas bash went well, with most of my co-workers making a decent effort to dress up for the occasion. There was an Indiana Jones, a Mr. T, a hair metal band dude; a very convincing Maverick (Top Gun) played by Mette, who dressed up in a pilot’s suit and walked around the office while the film’s theme song played through a wireless speaker hidden inside her bespoke helmet; and then there was me in (almost) full Run DMC outfit. As you can see, my beard could have been better but hey, it still did the job.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.22.39

I left around midnight but I heard the party went on until five in the morning, with some of my co-workers actually passing out in the stairs of the building and others deciding to crash on a couch in the office until the morning after. It’s always like that. Last year, one of the guys working in the office got too sleepy halfway through the party and decided to have a nap in the toilet. He woke up at 4am, just when the last guys where about to lock the door and leave the office, following a series of missed phone calls from his son (who also works in the agency) who was desperately trying to find out where the fuck was he. Typical Danish Christmas party behaviour.

* * * *

We’re starting to plan our summer holidays and it seems that next year we’ll be heading to Croatia. Kat and I had talked about going somewhere warm, ideally on the seaside, and we both have heard really positive comments about Croatia, which apparently is not only stunning but quite affordable, so in the end that’s what I think we’ll do. The basic plan is to fly to Split and from there, take a bus or a ferry to some of the surrounding islands. I really can’t wait.

To top it all off, AC/DC has finally announced their European tour and I have decided to go see them in Paris, Madrid and Roskilde. Although Kat is only attending the show in Denmark, she’ll be joining me on my mini rock tour, which is fantastic. We both like Madrid, and she’s really excited to show me her favourite spots in Paris, a place she knows quite well, as her mum used to live there a while ago. We have already booked our flights and we’re just waiting for the tickets to go on sale this week. I think we will have an amazing time.

Oh! And speaking of AC/DC… on Sunday, while I was studying Danish in the living room, I heard the sound of a guitar coming out of the kitchen. I walked there and what did I find? Kat, listening to “Thunderstruck”, while making us blueberries and Nutella pancakes. She just blows my mind, every time. My friends say I should put a ring on her, and you know what? I think they’re right.

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April 16

A very slow start of the week. Most people at work are off for the Easter holidays so the agency is empty, quiet and there’s not much to do, really. It’s a real shame to be stuck in a desolated office doing nothing when outside is so bright and sunny; I could be laying in a park, enjoying a nice coffee in a terrace or cycling around town but instead I’m sitting at my desk, bored. To make things worse, I have read that AC/DC might be retiring very soon due to Malcom Young’s illness; there has been no official announcement yet but there is rampant speculation about the band calling it quits during the next few days, which means I might never get the chance to see them live. Just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 12.05.12

What’s really sad is that I could have seen them play at least a couple of times in the last few years but, for one reason or the other, I just couldn’t get my shit together and missed them. The first chance I had was in 2009, when they played River Plate stadium in Buenos Aires, one of my favorite cities and one in which I have many friends. If I had planned in advance, it wouldn’t have been hard or expensive to fly there, I just heard about the show when it was to late to sort something out. I know, I’m a fan and I should find out about these shows way in advance but I simply didn’t. When a friend told me about it, just a week or so before the gig, tickets were sold out and flights fully booked or overpriced so in the end I didn’t go. What did I miss? Well, just have a look:

Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Argentinians are the best crowd in the world, period. I went to see Pearl Jam in Buenos Aires back in 2005 and that has been the craziest audience I have ever seen at a music show, it was insane. Having the chance to see AC/DC there would have been absolutely fantastic. I mean, look at all those maniacs jumping and screaming and bursting with joy! That was a one in a lifetime experiences and I missed it.

Then it was the “Back In Black” anniversary show at Donington, in 2010, which I missed because I was too busy sorting my visa, packing things up and getting ready to move to London. This was just bad luck and there wasn’t much I could have done about it. My visa was still being processed and I had a flight ticket for July, a month after the show. This was a major blow, not only because AC/DC was playing but also because Rage Against The Machine (whom I might not get the chance to see again either) was on the bill too! It’s probably been the best Download Festival in years and I was stuck at home, wishing teleportation was a reality. If it wasn’t because I knew I was going to move to London, I think I would have spent the rest of my days sobbing in the bathtub, naked and curled up in the fetal position, thinking of all that could have been.


I have played the entire “Live at River Plate” show today in the office. People gathered and watched in awe.

However, after I moved to Europe, I always thought I would get one more chance to see them live; they just had to go into the studio (which they were supposed to do this May), record a new album and hit the road again. Then I could plan my way around the continent, maybe catch them on tour in a few cities, and finally tick that box off my list. But now, in the face of all these rumours, hope fades and a light feeling of sadness settles in. It’s strange how music can affect us in such ways. It’s not a tragedy, and there are definitely way worse things one could go through but still, I’m sure I will always look back and wish I had seen these fellas on stage and experienced their music live. To me, it’s like having a dog, living in London or dating a girl with big natural boobs; you know, it’s just one of those things anyone should get the chance to enjoy at least once in their lifetime. Right now, the odds are against us but maybe the Gods of Rock will give us one last chance to see the mighty AC/DC smashing it on stage. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I’m off for a massage. I sure need it.

* * * *

UPDATE: There might be hope…

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 13.51.12

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