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December 12

Yesterday, I finally had my first Danish class and although it went relatively ok, it’s clear I will need to get my shit together really quickly if I want to stand a chance to keep up with everyone else. After just 2 classes, it was evident there are some people in my class who have a better grasp of the basic words and grammar although most of my classmates are more or less at my same level, which is a bit reassuring. Tom, our teacher, is quite nice actually; he seems to be very understanding and makes you feel at ease, even when confronted with questions you’re supposed to answer to on the fly. I like him.

* * * *

We’re throwing an 80s themed Christmas party today at work. You could tell from far away.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 11.42.41

I was too lazy to go for a very elaborated outfit so I thought I’d dress up like Darryl McDanields from Run DMC, for a couple of reasons:

a) The look would be relatively simple to achieve, all I’d need is a tracksuit, a golden chain, a white t-shirt, hat, a fake mustache and white shoes.

b) If anyone else decides to dress up as Run DMC too, it would still be ok. Actually, if would have been ideal if two of my co-workers had also decided to opt for the same idea, that way it would have been the three of us shouting in unison the last words of every sentence spoken at the party tonight. I’m sure people would have found it both funny and annoying.

c) Even if my skin tone is not quite the same as Darryl’s, compared to the rest of my co-workers I’m still the brownest guy around, so technically I’m still on brief.

Now, I thought that going for a DMC look was easy enough but less than 3 hours before the party starts, I still have no hat, no white shoes, no t-shirt and no mustache. Typical me. I know I can sort out the hat, the t-shirt and the mustache but I’m afraid I’m not going to able to deliver in the shoe department. You see, last night I tried to paint some old black adidas shoes with white spray paint but it didn’t go well; the shoes kept sucking up the paint and after almost emptying an entire can spray, the shoes were still looking dark so I decided to give up and wear gray Nike trainers instead.

Fuck it. Let’s just assume I’m “Drunk DMC” for today and blame the outfit mismatch to the alcohol, which I assume I’ll be consuming in copious amounts tonight.


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