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Please insert memory card

Normal people rely on their memory, Attention Deficit Disorder sufferers like me rely on pen, paper, smartphones, whiteboards and blogs. That’s probably why I write here, to back-up the things I might like to remember in the future knowing that I probably won’t be able to hold them in my mind as accurately as I would like to, to make sure there’s a detailed description of past events my future self can always go back to and reflect upon, to not forget shit I might not want to forget. Ultimately, dear reader, I’m not writing for you, I’m writing for myself and my poor brain. Thought you might like to know.

Anyway, last month I went to have a look at onedotzero_adventures in motion festival, which as you might know, offers a great opportunity to be inspired by some of the most innovative pieces of work across motion graphics, character design and animation; five days packed with an international selection of amazing cinematic and audiovisual endeavours that shouldn’t be missed. This time around I just had the chance to attend the wow + flutter 2011 screening, the festival’s signature programme, which this year presented 34 films from all around the world. Some of them might be familiar to you already, others completely new to your eyes, but in any case, here’s my personal list of favourites. Hopefully, you’ll find them as exciting as I did.

Luis Carone: 3D No Glasses

Alexander Geliner: One Minute Puberty

Hankins, Nieterau. van Kooten + Puijk: Mac n’ Cheese

Emil Goodman: Henry Waltz

Jonathan Monaghan: Dauphin 007

Avner Geller + Stevie Lewis: Defective Detective

Ioannis Christoforou: ToyLife

Brandon Vogue + Tim Wilson: Breakfast Interrupted

Erik Janson: WakYak

Daniels: Dogboarding

Alright, enough of this already. Go do whatever you were doing, I’m off for a Skype date.