March 13

So, I have just been to the optician and they basically said I need to see a proper doctor because my vision is quite fucked up, especially on my right eye, which has gotten much worse over the last few years thanks to a bloody keratoconus. For what I can gather, the only way out is to either start using rigid, gas permeable contact lenses (which I have tried before and couldn’t stand) or have some sort of surgery done (of which I’m really scared of). I guess carrying on with spectacles is an option too, but that wouldn’t really improve my vision and will allow the condition to keep getting worse so I’m afraid I’m gonna need to make an uncomfortable choice soon…

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2 thoughts on “March 13

  1. Greg says:

    Supposedly UV-crosslinking is now the way to go with Keratoconus. I’m 50 and first was diagnosed when 13. At the time i was told that i would be blind by 21. I fought it the whole way. I had a cornea transplant at 27 but now i need another. My left eye is useless and my right eye struggles. I still work, do art and and do what i want. Dont let this fool of a disorder stop you. ☺ best wishes. Greg.

    • gustaborracho says:

      Hi Greg, thank you for your message, it cheered me up. I’m seeing my doctor next week and hopefully there will be a way to move forward without too much struggle. We’ll see what happens. In any case, thanks again for sharing your story and for the support. All the best!

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