February 25

My back has been hurting lately and I have been feeling a bit stiff despite working out a couple of times a week in the gym, so I have decided to start stretching for 30 minutes in the morning, following a YouTube tutorial, to see if it helps. I After a few minutes, it became evident that my muscles are in worse than I initially expected to be; my flexibility has been considerably reduced and the range of motion of certain joints is well under average, possibly as a consequence of the knee injury I suffered in 2012 and the sedentary lifestyle it imposed during the following years.

As I went through the video this morning, sitting on Kat’s yoga mat, I kept thinking to myself: “I can’t fucking do that!”. Every exercise was a painful reminder of the price you pay when you don’t take rehab seriously. It was quite frustrating and a bit scary. My body is REALLY tight, and not in a nice way…

* * * *

I just discovered Love Letters from Craig, a project by Cartelle Interactive Arts:

‘love letters from craig’ is a romantic exploration into the perversions of modern-day digital hookups. The narrator reads aloud personal ads from anonymous people seeking love & affection on the internet. The contents are not moderated and completely automated, only enhanced by sensual porno beats and tasty, sexy visuals. Content is scraped hourly from Craigslist casual encounters.


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