February 23

Last week was strange. A couple of things happened and, although they aren’t terribly serious, they somehow managed to bring us down a bit. They also changed some of our plans and I have to admit I’m struggling to let go some of them, which I was really looking forward to. But then again, that’s just the way it is, isn’t it? It’s always hard to deal with change, or to enforce it in order to make things better. It’s fucking hard work but we will power through and, in the end, I’m sure we will look back and realize it was all totally worth it.

* * * *

After thinking about it for a while, I finally decided to try my luck with collage. I have always been fascinated with the idea of taking existing material and re-contextualize it to create something else entirely. I also like the idea of hunting for the right image, to have a mental to-do list of visuals that might be useful later; it will give me a reason to start collecting something and keep me on the lookout for nice textures and graphics whenever I find myself browsing through piles of old newspapers, magazines, photographs and books at flea markets and vintage shops, something that up until this point I have done only out of pure curiosity. The fact that I can finally use all the unsolicited free magazines that get delivered at work is a plus, too.

I will approach this with an open mind and low expectations, and I have promised not to be too hard on myself, at least at the beginning. I want to enjoy the destructive process of construction and to have fun thinking of unexpected ways to combine the pieces I find, while trying to make the most out of the limitations that collage naturally imposes. It’s a creative exercise that will not only will require some brain power but also demand a lot of patience, both of which I seem to be lacking at the moment.

The results I will probably keep to myself but I’m gonna try to keep track of my learning experience and once I have a decent amount of pieces done, maybe I will post my favorites here along with my notes. Who knows, maybe someone else will enjoy them, too.

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