December 17

I had my second Danish class yesterday and although I fucked up twice when asked by the teacher to answer a question from the book on the spot, I’d say things are going relatively ok. I can understand *very* basic texts using *very* simple words put together in a *very* straightforward sentence structure BUT at least I understand a bit more than I used to a week ago. I can also count to 20 and my vocabulary is now composed of about 50 words, maybe a little more. That’s progress.

* * * *

It’s Kat’s birthday today. I spent an hour last night trying to properly wrap a couple of presents and writing her birthday card, all of which I handed gleefully to her this morning along with a hot cup of tea. I knew she was going to like one of the presents as it was a personal request she had made a while ago but I was a bit worried she wouldn’t like the one present she hadn’t asked for: a book that compiles all the issues of an infamous British fanzine published between 1987 to 1990, which offered a mix of experimental film and book reviews, true crime novels, wild music, interviews with icons of cult cinema and adult entertainment, weird cartoons and cutting-edge art.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.41.18

I saw the book when we were in Brighton but couldn’t buy it then because she would have inevitably seen it so I just waited until we were back in Copenhagen, bought it online and kept it secret along with the rest of her presents, including the Christmas gifts I will give her before I head home on Saturday. Today, I finally handed the book and I think she liked it. She actually spent a few minutes browsing through the first pages and found a few things she thought were interesting, so hopefully she will enjoy it once she delves into it.

As a side note, we just got tickets for AC/DC in Roskilde! Hooray!

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