November 27

A few things have happened lately:

a) Kat signed up for a gym membership and actually managed to go! Hurrah. We went yesterday and did a bit of cardio on the exercise bikes and then messed about a few machines. It was a very short workout but good enough to get Kat started. She’s not particularly thrilled about it but she’s approaching it the right way and once we start hanging out with Carlos and Marisa, she might enjoy it a bit more.

b) We have been catching up with season 4 of Homeland and it’s been nerve-wracking, especially the last couple of episodes. I have to admit, after season 3 I thought there was no way the series could successfully move forward without Brody but fucking hell, they sure found a way to keep things rolling. Considering Saul is probably the person Carrie has been closest to in the entire series, it makes complete sense for them to focus the plot around them.

Can’t wait to see how it ends, can you?

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