October 29

A few weeks ago, I told one of my co-workers I was looking for a physiotherapist that could work on my leg injury and help me get back in to shape. She suggested me to get in touch with a man named Kelle, a physical therapist with a deep understanding of the energies that work in the body. It sounded good so I send him a message and, after missing each other’s calls for a few days, we finally set an appointment for today at 10am.

Shortly after I arrived, Kelle came out to greet me and asked me to step into his working space: a relatively small office with a massage table and a few buddhist sculptures and posters. We had a chat for about five minutes, just to give him a general idea of why I had decided to see him. He listened carefully. Just by the sound of my voice and my body language, he said he could tell I was having trouble with my breathing, possibly because my diaphragm was blocked, which was forcing me to breath expanding my chest instead of my stomach. He said that was the first thing we needed to focus on.

I lay down on the massage table and he started pressing key points of my body, mostly in my arms and legs. Then he moved to the diaphragm, which he said was indeed blocked, so he started working on that, then my legs and my joints, and finally my back and neck, releasing the tension by twisting and cracking them. He explained the process in detail, making sure I knew exactly what he was going to do before he did it. He said I was going to hear and feel a crack sound when working on my back, and that it was going to be louder when working on neck (as it’s closer to my ears), but that neither manipulation was dangerous, that he had done it thousands of times before and that he was actually pretty good at it. “Everyone who comes here walking, leaves walking”, he said. Well, that’s certainly reassuring.

Upper back, crack. Lower back, crack. Neck, crack crack. After he was done with all the cracking, he said my body was so stressed it was having trouble letting all the tension go so he was going to poke certain pressure points throughout my body to help the process. He said it was going to be annoying and at times a bit painful but that all I had to do was to go with it and try to breath deeply. I did, but instead of annoying me, the whole thing just made me burst with laughter, which I guess is a good thing. I could feel the difference already. He kept pressing parts of my arms, legs and stomach and suddenly my body started shaking, the way it does when you feel terribly cold, only that I wasn’t. “You’re not cold, that’s your body letting go of all the tension, it’s going to go on for a few minutes”, Kelle said, and actually asked me to put my feet together and take my knees apart until I found a point in which the shaking became stronger. Once I found it, I swear to you I couldn’t control the shaking. It was liberating in a very strange way.

I thought the session was going to drain me but when it was all over, my body felt lighter and I was exhilarated. I thought to myself: “Fuck me, this shit works!” Anyway, Kelle said tomorrow I’m going to feel like I’ve been beaten up but that it should feel really good on Friday, once my body goes back to normal.

I scheduled a follow-up appointment for next month and if I really feel a difference, I’m definitely going to keep doing it; Kelle is a cool dude and seems to know what he’s doing, something I can’t really say about any of the therapists I have seen before.

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