October 24

Last week, my left hand’s thumb started to hurt a bit and now the pain has taken over my wrist and forearm, too. I have no idea how this happened but I must have sprained my hand or have some sort of tendonitis; I can move my hand but I can’t hold things properly because the moment I put a bit of pressure on my thumb, I get a lightning-bolt like pain that goes from my finger, through my wrist, all the way to the elbow. It sucks balls.

* * * *

I have discovered a new coffeeshop on my neighborhood that I really like, it’s called KaffeKilden and it has the most amazing chocolate croissants I have had in a long time. The only downside to the place is the music, which is fucking awful. Every morning I have dropped by for breakfast, they had a terrible radio show on with some moronic hosts playing moronic pop. It reminded me of why I love Sort Kaffe og Vinyl so much.

Still, it’s good news that KaffeKilden exists; it means that I don’t have to go all the way to Vesterbro whenever I feel like having a good cup of coffee anymore, now I can jump on a bus and in 10 minutes I could be sipping freshly brewed coffee and munching chocolate croissants. I just need to remember to bring some headphones, I wouldn’t be able to stand that talk show for too long.

* * * *

Got to the office this morning to find out the agency has been performing so well that we’re getting a month’s pay as a bonus.


The announcement was made during full-house agency meeting and the good news came accompanied with a bottle of Gosset champagne, which they handed out at the end. Very nice. If only I could have been able to clap properly…

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