September 25

Feeling a bit frustrated today, it’s hard to get things done when most of it depend on other people. For a long time, I have been thinking about learning a craft, something that enables me to make something without anyone’s help, just by myself, but I really haven’t gotten around that yet; I thought screen printing could be an option but then I realized I needed to design something to print first, and because my design skills are shit I just gave up and eventually put the whole thing on hold.

Thinking about it, maybe that was just a cheap excuse. Maybe it was one of those mental roadblock I tend to put in front of me every now and then, to convince myself certain things are not good enough to even try them. I should just fucking get on with it without worrying so much about it because, honestly mate, who gives a shit? I’m just going to get it out of the way and move on and if it doesn’t work, well, at least I would had done something, for a change.

* * * *

Just discovered this little website that made me think of what I just wrote. Right now, apart from keeping this diary and buying a record every once in a while, there aren’t many things I do just for myself. Kind of depressing, really. I think I need to do a bit of mental housekeeping and turn things around, for my own good.

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