September 24

Yesterday, Kat and I spent the evening at Holmens Kanal, a bar in the city centre where the Diplomatico World Tournament was taking place. Some friends from Venezuela who run the Diplomatico brand were in town to endorse the event and my friend Geoffrey was one of the judges of the competition so we dropped by to say hi, see the finals, catch up with some friends and enjoy the free cocktails. It was actually very nice. Six bartenders had to prepare two rum-based cocktails in five minutes, including their own inventive reinterpretation of the classic Daiquiri, for a chance to become Denmark’s representative in the Diplomatico World Tournament to take place next year in Venezuela.

The winner was Rasmus from Duck & Cover, a guy I don’t know but whom I congratulated anyway. I took the opportunity to tell him to get ready to behold the greatest display of breast implants of his life… just the thought of it brought a big smile to his face. It was endearing.

* * * *

Browsing through reddit, I came across this thread and now I can’t stop thinking about it; I don’t have any twins and I have never dated one but I can see how terribly heartbreaking the situation described in the thread must be. I had never thought about it that way, makes me wonder…

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