September 22

Another weekend Kat and I have successfully smashed. On Friday, we met up for dinner at Bonjour Vietnam and then headed to the Staten Museum for Kunst to check out “Biography”, an exhibition I’m happy to say I didn’t pay to see. I probably just didn’t get it but most of what was there on display I found either very pretentious or simple pointless. But hey, what would I know? Still, it was nice to have a look around the museum and check out all the cool kids getting drunk to electronic music and pretending to be inspire but Contemporary art.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.57.02

On Saturday, I met Chris for a ping-pong match; it was the first ping-pong game in years and, as you would expect, I lost. But only for a tiny little point. Actually, I led the whole match and was ahead 7-4 but I started enjoying Chris’ tantrums a bit too much and in the en he managed to come back and won 7-8, a victory he celebrated with pumping fists and everything. It was good fun. Kat joined us afterwards and the three of us went record shopping at Sound Station, my favourite record shop in town. Kat got three records she seemed very happy about and I managed to score a sealed Badmotorfinger copy, which I think might be a 1991 yellow vinyl edition. I will find out tonight.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.57.13

After Sound Station, Kat and I walked to Palads and got tickets to see “Guardians of the Galaxy” at 3:45pm, which was good and bad: it was good because it was almost empty and felt like we had all the movie theatre to ourselves, and it was bad because apart from us, most people in the room were 12 years old or younger and wouldn’t shut up. There was also a lady next to Kat, translating every dialogue to her young kid who didn’t understand English and couldn’t read Danish fast enough to catch the subtitles either so we had to move away and find a new place to seat. Makes me wonder why parents even bother to take their children to the cinema in the first place if they are not able to fully enjoy the experience.

Despite these minor hiccups, we had a great time and thought the movie was entertaining, especially Rocket, whose character was very nicely written. The soundtrack was pretty sweet too, actually. I’m gonna look it up on Spotify, hold on.

(short pause)

Right. After the movies, we grabbed a drink at Nutid and then met Sebastian and Hayla at Escobar, a rock bar that sells Trooper beer. I like to go there just for that. I came up with this little idea for a website and Sebastian offered to help out with some of the videos I need to put the whole thing together so we took the opportunity to talk about it and catch up, it had been a while since I last saw him and his girlfriend.

On Sunday, Kat and I went for coffee at Ricco’s, in Stefansgade, the street I used to live when I first moved to Copenhagen. Then we had a walk around a couple of flea market followed by cake at a little cafe in the neighbourhood and then to say hi to one of her friends, who recently have birth to adorable twins. Came back home at 5pm, totally knackered. Had a nap, caught up with my parents on Skype, watched the first episode of Game of Thrones and went back to bed around 10pm, like it should be.

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