September 19

Went with Kat yesterday for dinner at Paludan Café (five months since we met yesterday!) and then off to Bremen Teater to watch a screening of Inside Out Project, a film documenting the development of the collaborative art movement started by French artist JR back in 2011. It was interesting but I must admit it made me feel a bit hopeless at times, despite it being usually described as an inspiring piece of film. Which I guess it is, all things considered.

As soon as I got home, I took my iPad and set myself to delete Candy Crush. Not without playing the five lives I had left, of course. After failing to clear all the jelly two times in a row, I passed the iPad to Kat and asked her to finish the damn thing. She completed the level within minutes and, with a big (patronizing) smile, encouraged me to try the recently unlocked level 30. I had a look at the screen, the new level looked manageable. Overwhelmed by an unrealistic sense of confidence, I gave it a shot and ran out of lives in less than 10 minutes. “You know what? Get fucked, you piss taking motherfucker. I’m done with you”, I thought to myself. It was, indeed, time to bring a week of misery to an end.

photo (1)

After a couple of taps, it was gone from my phone and my iPad.

Peace, at last.

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