July 31

Today, I finished packing all my stuff and moved in with Kat. We’re both quite excited about it and we are celebrating the occasion with pepperoni pizza and cold cola, which should be here any minute.


To be honest, I think none of us expected things to escalate this fast or had any idea this will happen so soon when we first met on that Friday night date, just a few months ago, but we are happy with the way things are going and in our heads, this is just a natural step to give.

What’s next? Well, I now have two suitcases, two medium sized boxes, six posters and three IKEA bags to unpack and organise along with 10 years worth of clothes, books and whatnot that Kat already has at home. But that, of course, is a tiny little downside to this joyful event. I suspect we might even enjoy doing all the cleaning and unloading, we just need to get started and once we get going, we will be fine.

I have to go now, the pizza is here.

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