July 28

Three fourths of the agency is still on holidays, which means I have nothing to do and PLENTY of spare time to dive into the depths of the Internet. This normally wouldn’t be a bad thing because, as you all know, the Internet is a wonderful place, but when your little digital submarine loses focus and washes up on the shores of some online shop, the consequences can be devastating.

Just yesterday, I wandered off and end up buying 4 EELS posters, a set of headphones, two sweatshirts, a hoodie, a long-sleeve shirt, a short-sleeve shirt, and a LEGO bricks silicone ice tray. Except for the headphones, everything I bought are things I really don’t need and I only bought because I could; technology has made it so ridiculously easy to spend money on the Internet that sometimes is really hard to restrain from indulging in this absurd compulsive buying behaviour I seem to be enjoying more than I should. 

Maybe I just need to have a look at my bank account, I’m pretty sure that will curb my enthusiasm…


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