July 25

After three days of unusual hot and sunny weather, it’s raining in Bergen so I have been forced to take shelter in a little bakery called Godt Brød, where I have just devoured two really good summer rolls (that’s how they call it here; imagine a cinnamon roll but with a delicious white cream in the middle) and a cortado. The coffee is quite average but the pastries are great and the wifi free so I can’t complain.

Yesterday, after doing a 4-hour boat tour around the fjords (well, a very basic form of fjord, the really big ones are far from Bergen) I realized I had seen pretty much everything I wanted to see in this town so I decided to change my flight for tomorrow morning instead of waiting until Sunday night as I had originally planned. To be honest, after almost two weeks of walking every day for 8-10 hours, I’m just tired and really feel like going back to Copenhagen.


Also, I know the weather is going to be crap in Bergen in the next couple of days and I’m really missing Kat so when I saw the opportunity to fly a little earlier I just went for it so, that’s it, I’m leaving early tomorrow and should be back home for breakfast. I really can’t wait…

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