July 16

Back on a plane again. Wish I could give you some sort of technical info about my flight, like how high we are now, what’s our cruising speed or where exactly the plane is flying over as I type this lines, but WOW air doesn’t offer any flight tracking details on board and the screen that is three rows ahead is just showing some movie starring Ben Stiller so all I can tell you is that I’m on my way to Iceland and that I have two slightly annoying little girls yelling in the seat behind me.

I was very excited about this trip until I got an e-mail this morning from the travel company I was planning to go on a night hike this Friday, informing me that is very likely to get cancelled due to heavy rain. I checked the weather forecast and, apart from today and tomorrow, it seems that all the arctic summer is ready to give us are cloudbursts. I know, weather can change at any time and rain is not really a big deal, but I guess that in my head I just pictured it differently. I have been wanting to go to Iceland for so long that I’d hate if this ends up being one of those holidays in which you’re forced to stay inside because the weather doesn’t give you any other choice. Anyway, we’ll see what happens, maybe I will enjoy the raindrops and the cloudy icelandic landscapes. Who knows?

* * * *

Last night, Kat gave me a card I’m only allowed to open on my birthday and she made sure to pick an eye-melting bright pink envelope to keep it safe until then. How nice. I was talking about her this morning with my friend Carlos, who made me company at the airport for a bit, and I was telling him how much I like Kat and the lovely things she comes up with. We haven’t been together for too long but it feels like it’s been a good while, and this kind of simple little details, which many people tend to take for granted, never cease to amaze me and always bring me joy.

While in Madrid, after she has done one of those lovely things I’m telling you about, I asked Kat: “what would I do without you?”

She kindly replied with a smile: “Well, you’d probably be jerking off somewhere.”

Aw. Who said romance is dead?

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