July 14

Weare having a blast in Madrid, which is why I haven’t been able to keep up with the diary the way I would like to. Kat is doing great in the meet and greet department and we both have enjoyed walking around the city with my friends, who have done a fantastic job showing us around and making Kat feel at home. I will post some pictures of our trip when I get home…

* * * *

Germany, world champions! No matter what everyone says, they played better than any other team throughout the tournament and unlike Argentina, Brazil or Portugal, their victories were powered by the performance of a solid team, not one miraculous superstar on which everything seems to depend on. After twenty eight years, they finally get to take the Cup home. Well done.

* * * *


I really can’t wait to see those lads on stage. I heard the venue is reallynice and we got great seats so I think we are really going to enjoy the show.

Off to meet Rafa for breakfast at La Bicicleta, catch up later…

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