July 11

I went to the doctor today to get a little lump in my arm checked (it’s normal and there’s nothing to be worried about) and to get a referral for a routine blood test. On my way to the doctor, I fell asleep on the bus and had to be woken up by a girl sitting next to me, who gently repeated “excuse me” God knows how many times before I finally came out of the sleep mode and let her get off. It was a bit embarrassing.

Kat and I are off to Madrid tomorrow, that’s going to be interesting. The blonde has never been in Spain before and although we’re only going to spend three days there, we’re both pretty excited. Well, I’m excited. She’s just panicking over meeting some of my friends and having to deal with the local customs, which are remarkably different from Danish social dynamics.

You see, hugging and kissing strangers is rare around here and a simple hand shake usually will do in most situations but in the south things are different, aren’t they? There are hand shakes, hugs, and multiple kisses, sometimes all happening at the same time. Add to that the language barrier and +30 degrees celsius and you get an idea of what Kat’s a bit nervous about: sweaty hugs and kisses from people she doesn’t really know, non-stop for an entire weekend.

Truth is, I know she’s really looking forward to meet my friends (she has already memorized all of their names) and I know she just wants to make a good impression because she knows how important these people are to me (after all, they are my family on this side of the planet); I guess she just wished she could skip the initial cultural clash all together and avoid the potential awkwardness that might emerge during these encounters. Poor blondie, she’s already planning to get drunk on the plane and remain intoxicated until it’s time to go back.

That thought alone makes me chuckle…


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