July 10

WordPress just deleted a post I have been drafting for the last couple of days, no idea why. I can’t be bothered to start all over again so I will just copy and paste the last Roskilde-related status update and move on.

Roskilde Festival, Day 3: a friend of a friend peed on her own clothes. Don’t ask me why.

Saw a really good DJ set tribute to the Beastie Boys, which 90% of the festival missed because it was too early.

At noon, I went to see Fire! Orchestra, a Swedish jazz ensemble that sounded as if each musician decided to take one different recreational drug before the show, then got together on stage and hoped for the best.

Then saw a bit of Bottled in England, which kind of made me go for a nap so I went to my tent, slept for an hour and came back halfway through Phsyched Up Janis, who were LOUD. I didn’t know them and was quite impressed with their sound. Really powerful.

Then there was Manu Chao, who totally smashed the Orange Stage. He was playing with a quartet called La Ventura and they put up a great show, proper joyful festival music that got everyone dancing.

Finally, Arctic Monkeys, which for some reason didn’t sound as loud as I expected. They are good live but a bit flat at times.

Now, did I mention I met Phil Anselmo the other night?

That Beastie Boys tribute DJ threesome was terrific. Check out the Soundcloud file below, it’s the full lenght mix and it rocks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 15.02.11

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