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July 31

Today, I finished packing all my stuff and moved in with Kat. We’re both quite excited about it and we are celebrating the occasion with pepperoni pizza and cold cola, which should be here any minute.


To be honest, I think none of us expected things to escalate this fast or had any idea this will happen so soon when we first met on that Friday night date, just a few months ago, but we are happy with the way things are going and in our heads, this is just a natural step to give.

What’s next? Well, I now have two suitcases, two medium sized boxes, six posters and three IKEA bags to unpack and organise along with 10 years worth of clothes, books and whatnot that Kat already has at home. But that, of course, is a tiny little downside to this joyful event. I suspect we might even enjoy doing all the cleaning and unloading, we just need to get started and once we get going, we will be fine.

I have to go now, the pizza is here.

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July 28

Three fourths of the agency is still on holidays, which means I have nothing to do and PLENTY of spare time to dive into the depths of the Internet. This normally wouldn’t be a bad thing because, as you all know, the Internet is a wonderful place, but when your little digital submarine loses focus and washes up on the shores of some online shop, the consequences can be devastating.

Just yesterday, I wandered off and end up buying 4 EELS posters, a set of headphones, two sweatshirts, a hoodie, a long-sleeve shirt, a short-sleeve shirt, and a LEGO bricks silicone ice tray. Except for the headphones, everything I bought are things I really don’t need and I only bought because I could; technology has made it so ridiculously easy to spend money on the Internet that sometimes is really hard to restrain from indulging in this absurd compulsive buying behaviour I seem to be enjoying more than I should. 

Maybe I just need to have a look at my bank account, I’m pretty sure that will curb my enthusiasm…


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July 28

So, the holidays are over and I feel like I’m more tired than I was when I left. I believe the whole point of going away on holiday is to relax and rest, but for me, vacations are always about walking 8-10 hours a day non-stop, exploring new lands, so I can later brag about how amazing the places I visited were and complain about how tired I am. I can’t help it, it’s just the way it is.

In hindsight, this was a great Summer break; I got to visit Iceland, a fascinating place that offered sights I had never seen before, and got to spend a few days in Bergen, a charming little city on the west coast of Norway, which is amongst the most beautiful places I’ve been to. During 10 days, I spent most of the time on my own, pondering life and trying to make up my mind about what to eat (in most cases, this regularly led to a burger), and in the process, I realized how lucky I am, how happy I feel at the moment with the way things are, and how fucking expensive Norway is. A very enlightening journey, indeed.

I kept a short diary on Facebook, which I will copy and paste here, just for the sake of it:

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.52.50

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.52.23

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.51.47

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.51.29

As you can see, I kept myself busy during most of my stay. I went around the south coast and the Golden Circle; saw waterfalls, lava fields, black sand beaches, active geysers, melting glaciers, Icelandic horses, thermal pools, museums, sunshine, rain and fog, and still had time to try a great burger joint, a nice restaurant, and party with the locals on my birthday.




That night was particularly special, by the way. Originally, the idea was to spend my birthday on my own in a remote island and, although the idea excited me, deep down I was a bit afraid of feeling down that day, getting older all by myself. Surprisingly, two girls I know from Copenhagen happened to be there as well and in the end, my birthday turned out to be quite a cheerful celebration. I’m very pleased that’s the way it played out.

Brini and Katrin. If you ever decide to spend your birthday in a remote island, make sure these lovely girls are around too.

Brini and Katrin. If you ever decide to spend your birthday in a remote island, make sure these lovely girls are around too.

 As for Bergen, it’s just a cute little town. It has some really pretty houses and the area around the fish market is quite nice, but I have to say, after three days I was a bit bored and felt I had seen most of the stuff I wanted to see.




I skipped the museums because the weather was so nice I didn’t feel like spending the day inside a building so most of the time I was out, walking around the city or laying on a park. While in Norway, one of my personal paradigms was completely shattered into pieces; you see, I always thought Norwegian girls were gracefully thin but the truth is that they are CURVY, at least in Bergen. If you like voluptuous women with beautiful features, look no further, go to Norway… you will thank me for it.

* * * *

Spent the weekend hanging out with Kat, it was so nice to see her again. She went to pick me up at the airport on Saturday morning and we spent most of the day at home, with a short football break in the evening, and yesterday we went out for a walk around town, looking for presents for her Dad, whose birthday is today. We then went to a little park behind the Parliament building, a nice quiet place I had never been to before.

We sat under a tree for an hour or so but I was so exhausted, both by the heat and all the travelling, that I kindly requested to go back home, which we did. Spent the rest of the day cleaning the apartment (I’m moving in this week and we are organizing stuff), watching 24: Live Another Day, eating pizza, drinking red wine and working on a little video project we are both quite excited about…

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July 25

After three days of unusual hot and sunny weather, it’s raining in Bergen so I have been forced to take shelter in a little bakery called Godt Brød, where I have just devoured two really good summer rolls (that’s how they call it here; imagine a cinnamon roll but with a delicious white cream in the middle) and a cortado. The coffee is quite average but the pastries are great and the wifi free so I can’t complain.

Yesterday, after doing a 4-hour boat tour around the fjords (well, a very basic form of fjord, the really big ones are far from Bergen) I realized I had seen pretty much everything I wanted to see in this town so I decided to change my flight for tomorrow morning instead of waiting until Sunday night as I had originally planned. To be honest, after almost two weeks of walking every day for 8-10 hours, I’m just tired and really feel like going back to Copenhagen.


Also, I know the weather is going to be crap in Bergen in the next couple of days and I’m really missing Kat so when I saw the opportunity to fly a little earlier I just went for it so, that’s it, I’m leaving early tomorrow and should be back home for breakfast. I really can’t wait…

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July 24

I’m alive. And one year older.


In Bergen now after six wonderful days in Iceland, a truly fascinating country. I haven’t been able to post here but I have been keeping track of my wanderings on Facebook, I will make screen shots and upload them here once I’m back in Copenhagen…

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July 16

Back on a plane again. Wish I could give you some sort of technical info about my flight, like how high we are now, what’s our cruising speed or where exactly the plane is flying over as I type this lines, but WOW air doesn’t offer any flight tracking details on board and the screen that is three rows ahead is just showing some movie starring Ben Stiller so all I can tell you is that I’m on my way to Iceland and that I have two slightly annoying little girls yelling in the seat behind me.

I was very excited about this trip until I got an e-mail this morning from the travel company I was planning to go on a night hike this Friday, informing me that is very likely to get cancelled due to heavy rain. I checked the weather forecast and, apart from today and tomorrow, it seems that all the arctic summer is ready to give us are cloudbursts. I know, weather can change at any time and rain is not really a big deal, but I guess that in my head I just pictured it differently. I have been wanting to go to Iceland for so long that I’d hate if this ends up being one of those holidays in which you’re forced to stay inside because the weather doesn’t give you any other choice. Anyway, we’ll see what happens, maybe I will enjoy the raindrops and the cloudy icelandic landscapes. Who knows?

* * * *

Last night, Kat gave me a card I’m only allowed to open on my birthday and she made sure to pick an eye-melting bright pink envelope to keep it safe until then. How nice. I was talking about her this morning with my friend Carlos, who made me company at the airport for a bit, and I was telling him how much I like Kat and the lovely things she comes up with. We haven’t been together for too long but it feels like it’s been a good while, and this kind of simple little details, which many people tend to take for granted, never cease to amaze me and always bring me joy.

While in Madrid, after she has done one of those lovely things I’m telling you about, I asked Kat: “what would I do without you?”

She kindly replied with a smile: “Well, you’d probably be jerking off somewhere.”

Aw. Who said romance is dead?

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July 15

Greetings from seat 16F of a Norwegian Airlines flight, destination Copenhagen. We are on our way home after spending a wonderful weekend in Madrid, probably one of the nicest holidays I’ve spent in a while.

Last night we saw the EELS and I have to say, what an amazing evening it was. I have seen the band once a year, on every tour since 2010, and although I was always more inclined to their heavier performances, with plenty of distorted guitars and uptempo beats, this year’s show stands proudly at the top of my list despite its mellow nature. What we saw last night at Circo Price was one of the most beautiful displays of musicianship i have ever witness, anyone who has been fortunate enough to catch the EELS on their current tour will tell you that.

The mighty Mr. E proved once again that he’s not only a great composer and performer (the sound of his voice was fantastisk) but also, one charming host. He’s funny without trying too hard and keeps the audience entertained with perfectly timed interventions that, even if they have been scripted, still come across as legitimate burst of genius.

And then, to top it all off, there was Kat. She’s really not a fan and barely knew a couple of songs, but there were certain points during the show in which I couldn’t be more happier to have her sitting next to me. She made an already wonderful evening pretty damn special.

(I turn off my iPad, try to sleep, we land. Kat’s dad picks us up, we go home, buy burgers and fries for lunch and have a nap. We wake up, I go to pick up some stuff at my place and Kat goes to her mum’s place for coffee and dinner. We come back home, I pack my bag and leave it ready for tomorrow while Kat eats peas and watches the football game. I finish packing and go back to this post)

After the show, we grabbed dinner at Pizza al Cuadrado, one of my favourite pizza joints in the entire world. Ok, that might be a bit of an overstatement but trust me, the pizzas are GOOD. We were meant to meet Rafa again but we miscommunicate and in the end we missed each other. Bummer.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and hit the sack around midnight, only to wake up five hours later to jump on a cab and head to the airport to catch an early flight back to Copenhagen. We get here and it’s relatively sunny but soon it gets cloudy and slightly windy, just the way it should be here in Denmark. After those 35 degrees in Madrid, these twenty-something degrees are all the heat I need, at least for today…

* * * *

Off to Iceland tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it but at the same time, I wonder if it’s been a good idea to go on my own for two entire weeks. I tend to get a bit nostalgic and heavy-hearted when I spend too much time with myself. Hopefully, this time around things will be different; I actually have plenty of reasons to be happy these days and this might be a chance for me to reflect upon what has happened lately and the plans I have for the near future, catch up with the book I started reading a couple of months ago and basically try to get inspired by the Nordic landscape, which I’ve heard it’s mind-blowing.

I’ll keep you posted.

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July 14

Weare having a blast in Madrid, which is why I haven’t been able to keep up with the diary the way I would like to. Kat is doing great in the meet and greet department and we both have enjoyed walking around the city with my friends, who have done a fantastic job showing us around and making Kat feel at home. I will post some pictures of our trip when I get home…

* * * *

Germany, world champions! No matter what everyone says, they played better than any other team throughout the tournament and unlike Argentina, Brazil or Portugal, their victories were powered by the performance of a solid team, not one miraculous superstar on which everything seems to depend on. After twenty eight years, they finally get to take the Cup home. Well done.

* * * *


I really can’t wait to see those lads on stage. I heard the venue is reallynice and we got great seats so I think we are really going to enjoy the show.

Off to meet Rafa for breakfast at La Bicicleta, catch up later…

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July 11

I went to the doctor today to get a little lump in my arm checked (it’s normal and there’s nothing to be worried about) and to get a referral for a routine blood test. On my way to the doctor, I fell asleep on the bus and had to be woken up by a girl sitting next to me, who gently repeated “excuse me” God knows how many times before I finally came out of the sleep mode and let her get off. It was a bit embarrassing.

Kat and I are off to Madrid tomorrow, that’s going to be interesting. The blonde has never been in Spain before and although we’re only going to spend three days there, we’re both pretty excited. Well, I’m excited. She’s just panicking over meeting some of my friends and having to deal with the local customs, which are remarkably different from Danish social dynamics.

You see, hugging and kissing strangers is rare around here and a simple hand shake usually will do in most situations but in the south things are different, aren’t they? There are hand shakes, hugs, and multiple kisses, sometimes all happening at the same time. Add to that the language barrier and +30 degrees celsius and you get an idea of what Kat’s a bit nervous about: sweaty hugs and kisses from people she doesn’t really know, non-stop for an entire weekend.

Truth is, I know she’s really looking forward to meet my friends (she has already memorized all of their names) and I know she just wants to make a good impression because she knows how important these people are to me (after all, they are my family on this side of the planet); I guess she just wished she could skip the initial cultural clash all together and avoid the potential awkwardness that might emerge during these encounters. Poor blondie, she’s already planning to get drunk on the plane and remain intoxicated until it’s time to go back.

That thought alone makes me chuckle…

July 10

WordPress just deleted a post I have been drafting for the last couple of days, no idea why. I can’t be bothered to start all over again so I will just copy and paste the last Roskilde-related status update and move on.

Roskilde Festival, Day 3: a friend of a friend peed on her own clothes. Don’t ask me why.

Saw a really good DJ set tribute to the Beastie Boys, which 90% of the festival missed because it was too early.

At noon, I went to see Fire! Orchestra, a Swedish jazz ensemble that sounded as if each musician decided to take one different recreational drug before the show, then got together on stage and hoped for the best.

Then saw a bit of Bottled in England, which kind of made me go for a nap so I went to my tent, slept for an hour and came back halfway through Phsyched Up Janis, who were LOUD. I didn’t know them and was quite impressed with their sound. Really powerful.

Then there was Manu Chao, who totally smashed the Orange Stage. He was playing with a quartet called La Ventura and they put up a great show, proper joyful festival music that got everyone dancing.

Finally, Arctic Monkeys, which for some reason didn’t sound as loud as I expected. They are good live but a bit flat at times.

Now, did I mention I met Phil Anselmo the other night?

That Beastie Boys tribute DJ threesome was terrific. Check out the Soundcloud file below, it’s the full lenght mix and it rocks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 15.02.11

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