June 6

I feel better now. Since I got back from Barcelona, I have tried to relax as much as a can to let my old muscles go back to normal and it seems to be working; my feet don’t hurt anymore and my right leg feels much better now (I fractured my tibia in the world’s most stupid bicycle accident a couple of years ago and it still bothers me from time to time). However, the fact that my legs were killing me just because I spent a few days walking around a festival site is a strong indication that I need to exercise a little bit more. I thought that cycling on a regular basis will keep me relatively fit but clearly that’s not enough so I’m considering to start doing yoga or anything else that can help me recover my flexibility and strength in my muscles without having to spend hours in a gym. We’ll see what I end up doing (hint: probably nothing).

Now, let’s talk about Primavera Sound, shall we?

The festival in itself is great but, in my opinion, it really isn’t the role model described by The New York Times in this article. Yes, there were twelve stages showcasing music from a wide range of genres but to me, the festival lacked a bit of that atmosphere that makes festivals like Roskilde a truly amazing experience. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Primavera Sound takes place in the city, which means there is no need to camp and that, although very convenient, slightly diminishes the experience. Camping can be a nightmare, I’ll give you that, but if the weather is decent, spending time on the grounds of a festival for a few days can actually turn into one of its highlights.

I also would have loved to see at Primavera more non-music related attractions, you know, to keep you entertained between shows. I spent quite a lot of time wandering from one stage to the other while I waited for the concerts I wanted to see but it would have been nice to have the chance to spend that time doing something else. Again, I can only take as an example a handful of festivals I have actually attended to, like Roskilde, which has skate ramps, cinemas, art installations, a naked run, a tent where you get tips on having sex in tents and shitloads of other stuff to do while you’re there. Considering Barcelona prides itself as being one of the most arty, cosmopolitan, innovative cities in Europe, I just can’t understand why that doesn’t permeate the festival in a much more relevant way.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.59.44

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.59.12

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 13.00.35

Gaudí would be proud, I know.

Gaudí would be proud, I know.

Finally, the girls. I don’t know if Scandinavia broke me but I didn’t see that many hot babes in the festival crowd and the ones I spotted, didn’t flash their boobs. Which is a shame because, ultimately, as the picture below eloquently explains, that’s what festivals are all about: music and bouncing tits. Know that.

However, I must say that all the bands I was looking forward to see didn’t disappoint me. Queens of the Stone Age were fantastic, playing a perfectly balanced set featuring several songs from the latest album, which felt like long-standing classics despite being only a year old. It was also very nice to see the show with Rafa, especially because last year he was supposed to come to Copenhagen for the band’s concert at Forum but in the end he was not able to so it was nice to finally tick that box together. However, the highlight of that first night was seeing Rafa take out of his bag what I originally thought was a sandwich but that in reality turned out to be plastic bottle full of vodka, which he had cleverly disguised by cutting the tip of a baguette, placing it on top of the bottle cap and then wrapping the whole thing up in foil to the point in which you couldn’t tell the difference between the plastic bottle and a real sandwich. Fucking genius.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 13.01.02

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.59.57

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 13.00.16

Nine Inch Nails was the other highlight of the festival; Trent and company got on stage and masterfully started a sea of sonic waves that crashed against the tiny lifeboat that is my mind for no less than 90 minutes. It was incredible. The sound, the lights, the way the setlist was structured, everything was perfect. It shouldn’t come as a surprised, though; just by watching the video below you get a clear idea of the ridiculous amount of work that goes into putting a NIN show together and, although the set up for this tour is much more simpler than last year’s, it becomes evident that Trent Reznor is a brilliant Creative Director and that is inevitably reflected in the shows, no matter how big or small. It must be an absolute pain in the arse to work for the guy but as a concert goer, that painstaking process really pays off once you’re in front of the stage.

Apart from those two main shows, I also enjoyed Dr. John and the Nite Trippers, Mas Ysa, Loop, The Ex, Kendrick Lamar (who was surprisingly good), Television, St. Vincent, Slowdive, Caetano Veloso (another pleasant surprise) and Slinth, who blew everyone away. All in all, a great festival that was partly shadowed by shitty weather but that ultimately became a very entertaining experience, which also gave me a good excuse to go back to Barcelona to catch up with a few friends, including Kleber, whom I hadn’t seen in two years. This trip also made me realize I’m really enjoying being in Copenhagen at the moment, maybe more than I thought.

* * * *

It’s Distortion week in Copenhagen and I pretty much missed all the action, on purpose. On Wednesday I couldn’t be bothered to go out and yesterday I met with Kat for dinner and a drink, then wandered into Vesterbro together to join the party but we were quickly overwhelmed by the multitude, especially the drunk teenagers who wouldn’t stop screaming and acting stupid, which I guess is what you’re suppose to do when you are drunk and young. After a while, we decided it was better to invest our energy in more enjoyable matters so we went back to her place for a bit of Thursday night fun.

The blonde, making funny faces on our way to Distortion

The blonde, making funny faces on our way to Distortion

Speaking of fun, I’m off to Berlin to see Soundgarden and Black Sabbath; Ross managed to get me on the guestlist so I’m jumping on a bus tomorrow morning and flying back on Monday evening. A bit of a caprice, really, but I haven’t been to Berlin since 2006, I have never seen Black Sabbath live and I have a few friends in the city that I would love to catch up with so I’m quite looking forward to this last minute trip, even though leaving Copenhagen this weekend comes with a major compromise I’d need to make up for when I’m back. With short shorts, apparently…

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