May 26

Another fine weekend. On Friday, my friends Rebeca and Sarah came from London to visit for a couple of days. They arrived at midnight so I went to pick them up at the Central Station, made a quick pit stop at my place to drop their bags and went out straight to away to meet Carlos and his friend Paul (funnily enough, he was in the same flight with Sarah and Rebeca but none of them knew the people they had come to visit knew each other) at The Union. Terrific cocktails, as always, and it was nice to see Mike behind the bar again, too.



On Saturday, I left Sarah and Rebeca exploring Christiania during the day while I took care of some important matters and then we reunited in the evening. The idea was to go out to the Meat Packing District but in the end, they decided to stay at home drinking vodka and eating chips with Mark and some of his friends, so I decided to head to Kat’s for a fun night in. Next morning, I walked with her to a school nearby where she was taking part in the European Parliament elections and there I discovered why the Danes are so good a cycling drunk: turns out they get accustomed to the dizziness and loss of balance produced by the excess of alcohol, at a very young age. That’s right, in the school’s playground they had a few rotating poles with a platform at the bottom, where kids could stand on, and then spin for as long as they want to recreate that feeling you get when you get drunk, I assume. It was fascinating. I was going to make a video to show you how it works but then a realized that an adult, short as it might be, discreetly filming somebody else’s infants would look slightly creepy so I abandoned the idea and moved on.


After that, Kat was off to meet her friend Karla for brunch and I went to Sort Kaffe og Vinyl for a cup of coffee in the sun. Then I went home to pick up my bike and joined Sarah and Rebeca, who had rented bikes for the day, to go around town. We started cycling around Vesterbro, then Østerbro via the lakes to check The Little Mermaid out, which I hadn’t seen before. It’s not as bad as they make it sound but it definitely isn’t a life changing experience, either. We sat in front of the water for a bit, enjoying the sun, then walked around the citadel (another undiscovered spot for me) and shortly after we headed to Ørestad to see Tietgenkollegiet, a circular-shaped student residence designed by Danish architects Lundgaard & Tranberg, which Rebeca -being an architect herself- was very keen to see.


Around 4pm, we met Carlos, Paul and Kat at Torvehallerne for a late lunch in the sun and then the girls and I walked to Kongens Have, to drink some white wine (Rebeca and Sarah) and cold cokes (Kat and I). When it started to get cold, we moved to Bar 7 for a cocktail and then we call it a day.




It’s now Monday, I’m leaving to Barcelona tomorrow for the Primavera Festival and I still have to do a bit of laundry, which I couldn’t get done over the weekend because I was too busy having fun. Just as it should be…

* * * *

Somebody please remind me to stop prying into other people’s affairs. This weekend, while nosing around Kat’s apartment, I found the card she bought for my birthday, which she had been insisting in giving me in advance and that I expressly asked her not to. She was suppose to give me the card in an sealed envelope before I left to Iceland and I was only going to open it on my birthday but I fucked up the whole thing. Wish I could unseen the damn card and pretend nothing happened because it would have been a really cool surprise.

From now on, Kat said, all objects she wants to keep out of my reach will be placed on the top shelves and picture her delivering that sentence with an air of mockery to it. You get the idea.

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