May 19

The weather has been up and down lately; some days we have lovely sunshine and others we just get grey clouds and rain. Friday (a National holiday in Denmark, therefore no work) was sunny so in the morning I went to Carlos’ to do a bit of laundry (my washing machine broke down and now I need to wash my dirty clothes somewhere else) and in the evening I met Kat in the park that’s behind the Statens Museum for Kunst. We laid in the grass soaking up the last rays of sun and when it started to get really fucking cold and windy, we decided to go for dinner at Cocks and Cows. Great burgers and really good milkshakes, try them if you have the chance.




Around 8pm, we headed to Kat’s place and spent the night watching Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I hadn’t seen again since it was released back in 2009. What a wonderful film, I had forgotten about it. Halfway through I got a bit distracted but still managed to catch most of it. On Saturday, I went for coffee at Sort Kaffe og Vinyl and spend half an hour outside, laying in a chair, enjoying the sun. It’s a pity you can’t really hear the music they play inside when you sit outside but if it’s sunny, I’m pretty happy to sacrifice the music experience for a bit of Vitamin D and a slight tan.

In the afternoon, Kat and I went to Kongens Have and laid in the sun, drinking smoothies and listening to Blondie and Led Zeppelin with a short Tenacious D interlude. In the evening, we parted ways and I headed to Carlos’ student residence where they were having a massive BBQ. There were about 50 people and just one small grill, which meant that Carlos had to stand next to it and be ready to jump on it as soon as the flames were good to go. It was worth it, though; we were the first ones to take over the grill and after half an hour we were enjoying slices of a big piece of tender and juicy pork. My mouth waters just to think of it.


Kongens Have


The view from Carlos’ rooftop

After we were done with the BBQ, we went down to Carlos’ room and had a nap. He didn’t sleep, Marisa barely closed her eyes and me… well, I fell asleep and snored. Carlos recorded a little video and sent it to me on Snapchat, just to make fun of me as soon as I woke up. Bastard. Once I got out of my slumber, the three of us went to Cafe Elefanten for late night cake, courtesy of Sweet Sneak. As always, the baked goods were terrific. We had two chocolate brownies and a piece of carrot cake, which made up for a really dull party. You see, there was suppose to be a party at the café that night and our friends of Sweet Sneaks were there to class up the place with their lovely cakes but when we got there, there were only about 10 people and a DJ playing dance versions of classic songs from the 90’s. If it hadn’t been for the sweets, that would have easily been the most boring party I have ever been to in my life. It reminded me of the awkward parties I used to go when I was youngster.

On Sunday, I went for a coffee and then for a walk around the city centre. Weather was relatively nice but it quickly turned into cold rain so I got into Illum to check out some clothing and then took the bus to Kat’s place, where we spent the rest of the day laying on the couch, watching telly and getting fat on pizza, cola and chocolate cake. Trust me, it was MUCH better than it sounds…

* * * *

My friend Rafa has written a very nice post about his visit to Copenhagen so, if you are fluent in Spanish or speak Google Translate, walk this way and check it out. Make sure you browse through his photo album, too. The panoramic pictures he took are ace.

Also, speaking of friends, here’s an interview my mate Ross did for Olympus. He talks about how he got started as a rock photographer in London back in the 70’s, the way the industry has changed over the years, his favourite photographers, and how he has managed to stay relevant for over three decades.

Good ol’ Ross, I miss hanging out with him. If you enjoy his photography, follow him on Twitter and Facebook. He posts some mighty pictures.

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