May 11

Eurovision is finally over. I must admit that, despite finding the whole contest a bit dreadful, I enjoyed watching it on the telly. To make the experience more appealing to me, Kat got me chocolate and suggested the idea of turning each Eurovision day in “No Pants Day”, which meant we both had to hang out in our underwear at home when watching the show. As you would expect, I bought into it right away. That’s how I got into the whole Eurovision thing in the first place, that’s why I actually took the time to vote (twice) and, ultimately, that’s why I like to hang out with her. She’s funny and looks great in her undies, what can I say.

Anyway, as you know, Conchita Wurst won the final and although I think it’s nice that a bearded drag queen managed to get Eurovision fans on her side, especially in a time of so much nonsense discrimination and intolerance, I still think it’s bollocks. Poland, on the other hand…


Dear Poland, you got my vote. Know that.

For me, they were the winners right from the beginning. I also liked the Russian sisters and the guys from The Netherlands but they didn’t make it either, which comes to show how incompatible I am with these kind of contests. However, I have to admit that the Eurovision crowd and I share one thing in common: our mutual loathing for the French contestants. What an awful lot of blokes, they got one vote more than they deserved.

* * * *

Turns out that Anna, one of the girls I met through Couchsurfing a couple of months ago, will be in Iceland with a friend during the same days I will be there. What a coincidence. Even more striking is the fact that her friend is going to Reykjavík to celebrate her birthday, which happens to be on the same day as mine. Although I don’t know Anna that well (we only met for a couple of drinks when she was in town), I think it’s nice to know I will have someone to hang out with if things get a bit awkward with the locals once I’m among them. My friend Rodrigo is also pondering the possibility of meeting me there and today my housemate said he’s gonna look into the dates and see if he can also join. 

Who knows, maybe there will be an entire birthday committee taking over Iceland, after all…


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