May 10

After postponing it for weeks, I finally sat down today and bought my tickets to Reykjavík and Bergen, where I plan to spend 10 days in July, including my birthday, something I’m quite looking forward to. Birthday on my own in Iceland… that’s gonna be interesting. These days, I try not to travel on my own and usually just visit places where I have friends I can hang out with but this time around, for some reason, I was quite excited about the idea of going North all by myself.

For a long time, I have been thinking to go to Iceland so Reykjavík was in my plans right from the beginning but then a Norwegian friend suggested me to go all the way to Stokmarknes, a little island in the northern side of Norway where she spends the Summer, so I decided to throw in Norway in the itinerary, too. However, I realised it was not only a bit expensive to get to Stokmarknes but also kind of problematic in terms of flights availability, as the airlines don’t fly there every day and there is no direct flight to Copenhagen, which meant I had to fly to Tromso and from there back to Denmark so in the end I thought that would be too much of a hassle and decided to do Bergen instead, a city that my friend Carlos says is wonderful and from which I could fly straight to Copenhagen for less than 600DKK. A total bargain.

So, this Summer it will be Madrid with Kat to see the EELS and some of my very good Spaniard friends, then back to Copenhagen and flying the next day to Iceland and after that, Norway. It’s been a long time since I haven’t been so expectant about a holiday trip; I’m going on my own, with only a vague idea of what I want to see, to a couple of cities in which I know absolutely no one. I suppose this means there is potential for this to be a fantastic, once in a lifetime experience, or a dreadful trip I wish I’ve never made.

It would be impossible for me to know for sure at this point in time, of course, but I have the feeling this will turn out to be fucking great…

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