May 3

What a night. Yesterday, I met Kat and Rafa at 4:30pm and headed to Carlos’ student house for a rooftop BBQ that was fantastic, despite it being somewhat cold outside. In attendance were Marisa, Anastasia, Lisa, Jana, Marianne, Jana’s brother and her girlfriend, Emil, and of course, my dear friend Carlos. There was tons of food, too; sausages, steaks, salads, bread, cheese, wine, beers and a massive bowl with koldskaal, strawberries, raspberries and little cookies that reminded me of dog food, not because of how they tasted (they were really nice) but because of how they looked: small, roundish, crunchy bits, that together with the koldskaal and the fruits made up for a fantastic desert. It probably made up for a great germs incubator, considering we were all eating from the big bowl with dozens of spoons but fuck it, when you’re having a blast in such good company, these minor health threats are happily overlooked.


Rooftop bromance

Once the sun went down and our fingers started to get numbed by the cold, we decided to take the party inside, where plenty of alcohol was consumed. It was mostly jager bombs but there was also a lot of red wine involved in the mix, a combination that quickly got us going and drove Rafa and Anastasia into absolute Tinder madness. You see, Anastasia had no idea what kind of horrible human being Rafa was so innocently allowed him to fuck around with her Tinder account, which resulted in one of the funniest identity hijacks I have ever witnessed. It started with some generous right-swiping that brought up about 50 new matches, then it was her bio, which Rafa rewrote into a single, powerful life statement: “horny as hell.”


Rafa sexting from Anastasia’s Tinder. Beautiful.

From there, it just got better and better: guys started texting corny opening lines that Rafa and I responded to with messages heavily charged with sexual overtones. At one point, I sent a guy called Noel an open invitation for a Golden Shower feast, which he surprisingly embraced with great enthusiasm. This went on for a while until our cheeks hurt from laughing so hard, by then, we just couldn’t take it anymore and stopped, leaving dozens of dudes in Copenhagen with one, big collective boner.

Around midnight, we walked to The Union and after struggling to get in for a bit (the place was packed, as always) we found ourselves enjoying top class cocktails and rocking out to some cool songs. The atmosphere was very nice and everyone seemed to be having a great time, which is why we keep coming back to this place over and over again. After a while, Lisa suggested the idea to go to the Meat Packing District and as Rafa hadn’t been able to see it on Thursday, we thought it was a  good idea to go so we took a cab and headed to Vesterbro.

At first, the idea was to get into Bakken but in the end we chose to try Karriere, which is usually more lively. This time around it wasn’t as crowded as it used to but it was good enough for a bit of dancing so we stayed there until 4am and just as the sky was beginning to turn blue, we called it a night and Rafa, Kat and I took a cab home. This morning, Rafa and I grabbed a sandwich in the sun, then went for coffee at Sort Kaffe og Vinyl, where Rafa shot some cool portraits of me at my favourite coffeeshop, and then walked to the Central Station for an inevitable farewell.

This week was tough on my body (loads of late nights, not many hours of sleep, etc) but I enjoyed it so much, especially because until now, Rafa and I had never hung out that much; we’ve know each other for 8 years and met many times during that period, but I think we had never spent so much time together and being able to do so was certainly really fun. He’s a fucking legend and can’t wait to see him again at the end of this month, in Barcelona, for the Primavera Sound. That, my friends, it’s going to be colossal.


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2 thoughts on “May 3

  1. Rafa Gil says:

    Only by reading the tags you can tell something magical happend…
    My friend, it has been one of the best travels in my life. Thank you.

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