May 2

Yesterday, Copenhagen got too drunk way too early at Fælledparken so by the time Rafa and I decided to go out for a drink, every single bar was either empty or closing down. Even the Meat Packing District was desolated, an unusual occurrence, especially for a Thursday night. Out of curiosity (and a bit of desperation, maybe) we ended up getting in this student bar, which name I don’t even remember, where there were a few drunk students making out to the rhythm of some dreadfully schizophrenic music. I mean, awful stuff. Rafa said it felt like being in 1988, go figure.

Still, we managed to have some fun trying to figure out what exactly was going on around us. I think he will blog about it in the future so instead of going into the details of it myself, I’d let you know once he posts something on his blog so you can Google Translate his account of what happened last night. In the meantime, I’m off to meet him and Kat to go to Carlos’ rooftop BBQ and then out for some cocktails, which means we’ll probably end up at The Union tonight… for a change.

* * * *


Illustration by Inger Holstvig Færch

Here’s a little thing we’re doing at work: it’s called the Friday Nonsense Spotify Challenge, an experiment in which we randomly get an absurd music “brief” from folks in the agency and then solve it with a Spotify playlist. This week’s brief was “Music for Overly Eager Tinder Users” so here you have it, fellows: a playlist for all of you Humanitarians of Tinder out there, who are happily paving your way to laidsville one compassionate right-swipe at the time ;-)

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