May 1

Weather has been very nice lately so yesterday, when I came back home, Mark and some of his friends had decided to do a little BBQ in our backyard. It was a lovely surprise. Rafa spent the day wandering around Nørrebro and headed back home around 5pm, then Kat and I joined him at my place an hour later (funnily enough, Kat and I got on the same bus and we only realized it when we were about to get off, 20 minutes later, via text messages) to get online and buy our tickets to Madrid – we’re planning to go see the EELS there in July – while we drank red wine and enjoyed some fine Spanish cured ham Rafa brought me as a present.

Then, the BBQ started: sausages, garlic bread, cheese, salad, wine, and a glorious piece of really tender beef. It was great. Shortly after we finished, Rafa and I took our bikes and headed to Nørrebro (making a slight detour halfway through) to grab a drink at Escobar, one of Copenhagen’s many rock bars. We managed to find a couple of chairs outside so we sat there, with a Trooper beer in our hands, enjoying the view and talking about dark humour, our profound appreciation for people witty enough to embrace it and our aversion to folks who simply don’t get it. This post by Andy Tilley perfectly sums up our perspective on the issue so, if you ever find yourself around us or any of our closest friends, you better be prepared to laugh at some potentially offensive and rather inappropriate remarks. Consider yourself warned.


We drank our Iron Maiden beer and cycled to Voodoo Lounge, another rock bar that’s in the city centre. The music was quite good (Pantera, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden – you get the idea) and the girl behind the bar was actually quite nice; she kindly explained us why there were so many bras hanging from one of the bar’s walls (girls play a game and if they lose, they either have to buy shots or give away their bra), convinced us to try some of the worst alcoholic beverages I’ve tried in my life (it’s called Underberg and it’s fucking disgusting – Rafa loved it, though) and, for some reason, she also encourage us to drink tequila from a massive black dildo, an offer we politely declined.


Underberg – Calling it “disgusting” it’s an understatement

At 1:30, we decided to call it a night and took a cab home because we couldn’t be bothered to cycle in the cold. A very wise choice. Once home, we reheated some sausages and garlic bread from the BBQ, had some homemade hot dogs and went to straight to bed, bringing another great day in the Copenhagenhood to a happy end.

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