April 25

Yesterday, I went bowling for the first time in at least 6 years and let me tell you something, it was really fun. I went with Carlos, Dia, Jana and Anastasia to Bowling Dgi-byen, a nice place close to the Central Station. Carlos beat me just by 4 points but at least I managed to get 3 strikes, almost in a row, which pissed Carlos off a bit (that, of course, is a good thing).


After bowling, Carlos and I went to Cafe Obelix for a drink and Katrine joined us shortly after (she had been in Sweden for the day on a work assignment and bought me back a little present) and we stayed there until 11pm or so, although Carlos had to leave a bit earlier to go home and pack his suitcase as he was leaving early this morning to Madrid for some high-school friends reunion in Madrid.

A really enjoyable night out we promised to repeat very soon.

* * * *

A couple of days ago, I was reflecting on how much things have changed for me in Copenhagen since I first moved here: I arrived in the middle of the cold Nordic Winter, straight to work, in a city where I basically knew no one. The first four or 5 months I spent pretty much going from my house to the office and from there back home, on my own. It was difficult to establish meaningful relationships, hard to make new friends with these people who looked like they really didn’t give a shit. It was tough.

Fast forward a year and here I am, in a much better place: quite a few good friends, a better job than the one I had before, and a sense of belonging that hasn’t quite reached the level in which I feel totally at home but that still makes me feel at ease with my surroundings. I still miss London but I think about it less and less often. In fact, Copenhagen has been growing on me lately, especially now that we have left the cold months behind and the sun is starting to grace our days up here. They are getting longer too, which means I can leave the office at 5 o’clock and still be able to make it to the nearest park and enjoy a couple of hours of sunshine, ogling at beautiful girls and enjoying the blissful atmosphere that is magically created in this city when the sun is out. It also means that I tend to wake up way too fucking early (like 5am early) because my wooden blinds are totally useless against the bright morning light but that’s a minor price to pay considering all the wonderful stuff you get in return.

What exactly is it that you get in return, I hear you ask?

Well, just picture this under blues sunny skies.

Wonderful, isn’t it? ;-)

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