April 15

Somehow, a very long entry I wrote a couple of days ago has disappeared from my blog; I’m pretty sure I posted it but for some reason, it was just saved as a draft. A very incomplete draft. Stupid WordPress. I can’t be bothered to re-write the part that’s missing so I will just post whatever is left. Fuck it.

* * * *

So, after almost 2 years after we first met, Kate and I reunited in Copenhagen. Thinking about it, none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Facebook; we randomly met at a friend’s party back in 2012 but didn’t meet again afterwards because I lived in London and she was in Southampton, then I moved to Copenhagen and she moved to Brighton, which means that we only knew about each other’s wanderings through Facebook. That’s how I found out she was going on a backpacking trip around Europe and suggested her the idea of coming to Denmark, which she found exciting enough to come all the way here despite the cold and the rain.

On Tuesday, I went to pick her up at the Central station around 5:30pm and we headed home to drop her bags, have a shower and inflate the big air mattress I had just bought early that afternoon. It’s quite good, actually; it has an electric pump that really makes a difference, it’s thick and provides very comfortable surface to sleep on if you compare it with your average air bed. Once we got all the practical stuff out of the way, we went out for dinner at Zugar Baby, a very unpretentious place with very unpretentious burgers that get the job done very well. I had the usual: cheese burger with bacon, fries and a coke and Kate had a massive chicken salad that looked very tasty (she later validated this assumption). After dinner, we headed to Mikkeler for a beer but after the first one we realized we both were too tired to continue so we went back home for a well-needed night sleep.

The next morning I left for work and left Kate sleeping, only to meet her 8 hours later around Nyhavn, at a bar she had randomly decided to get in without knowing it was one of the most touristic spots in Copenhagen. The price of an average Tuborg beer in this place? Sixty kroner. SIXTY FUCKING KRONER for a Tuborg Classic! Pricks. We finished the most expensive beer I have ever bought in Denmark and headed to The Living Room, where the gay guy behind the counter told me he was going to let me have 2 cocktails for the price of one, half an hour after the happy hour finished, because I was “sweet” (Kate found the episode quite amusing and spent the rest of the evening pointing out how “sweet” I was, just for the fun of it). I appreciated the courtesy and happily accepted the drinks but still, it was a bit strange to be hit on by a dude.

After our mojitos, we decided to go for a walk and ended up at Streckers, a pub on Strøget, where there was a dude with a guitar and another with a cajon, playing acoustic cheesy covers of bands from the 90’s. Kate and I started with beers but then we moved to tequila shots and jäger bombs and things just got out of control; we ended up doing 4 tequila shots each plus a jäger bomb (Kate totally hated), which combined with our previous mojitos and 2 pints of beer make up for a very fun state of mind. We went to bed at 5am, not the smartest move we could have made, considering Kate had a train to catch at 8am but miraculously, we managed to get up at 7am, jumped on a very slow bus and Kate made it to the train just 2 minutes before it departed. Phew.

Fast forward two days and here I am in an almost empty office on the verge of a cake overdose, drinking a beer and listening to House of Pain as I chat with Fergus and another fellow about heavy metal legends (Ronnie James Dio in particular), singers who fail to deliver live (Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother, for example) and the way some bands seem to script every single word they say to their audiences at concerts; they make you feel you’re actually very special but then you realize they tell the same things to every audience at every single venue they play and then you can’t help but to feel betrayed. Just listen to a few Metallica bootlegs and you will know what I’m talking about.

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