April 3

Last night I met with Laetitia and Anne, two French girls I got in touch with through Couchsurfing. They requested to stay at my place but I normally don’t host – I find it quite stressing – so I politely declined and instead I offered to meet them and show them around once they were in town. They arrived at 5pm and checked-in at the Generator Hostel, where my friend Carlos is currently working (he actually checked them in, funnily enough), met them around 6pm and took them to The Living Room for a drink, then to Greasy Spoon for a burger and then back to the hostel for one last beer before heading home, just around midnight.

It was really nice to meet them (Laetitia has the most amazing eyes!) and they seemed to have enjoyed the two places I took them to so we agreed to meet up again before Saturday, when they will be catching a flight to Dublin. Today I’m suppose to meet Olga, who I haven’t seen in quite a few months and then I will be joining Carlos, Jana and two of her girlfriends who are visiting for a few drinks, which means we will probably end up at The Union, drinking wonderful cocktails and dancing to some old school rock and roll. We will have to wait and see what the night brings.

* * * * *

Alain de Botton just posted this on Twitter, I think it’s genius.


He’s a thoughtful character, isn’t he? I love his writing, especially “A Week At The Airport – A Heathrow Diary”, a book I really enjoyed and that anyone who loves to travel (who doesn’t?) and it’s passionate about human relationships should read. Having said that, though, I must admit that the book brings some memories that make me feel a bit foolish but hey, that’s an entirely different story…

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