March 22

Today, as every Saturday, I woke up and cycled to Sort Kaffe of Vinyl to get my mandatory dosage of caffeine and to continue my reading of that Phillip K. Dick book I started last week, but much to my surprise, my little favourite coffeeshop was closed today. Major bummer. In the face of such setback, I decided to drop by my ex-favourite coffeeshop, which is just around the corner, and it was probably the best move I could have made this morning; I got there and behind the counter there was this super fit girl playing some of my beloved records: first it was “Use Your Illusion I”, then “Flashpoint”, shortly after “Ace of Spades” and “Rage Against The Machine”, and finally “Evil Empire”. It was fantastic.


At some point, I had to stand up and go there to tell her how much I loved her music taste. I just had to. She seemed to have appreciated the compliment. We chatted for a bit and she told me she’s planning to go to Palestine in April for an undetermined period but that maybe we could catch up if she was back in the Summer, which I really doubt, not because I suspect she won’t return before then but simply because I think none of us would really be that interested to make an effort to meet up again, so I considered this to be nothing but a nice one-off interaction that really made my morning.

To top it all, I also met a really lovely blonde girl with beautiful blue eyes called Liv, who was sitting next to me reading Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” so I asked her what her thoughts on it were, and from there we started a very enjoyable conversations about books, music (she turned out to be a The National fan), film (I asked her if she had seen “Mistaken For Strangers”, a The National documentary premiered last year – she hadn’t seen it so I recommended her to watch it), Roskilde Festival and my experience in Denmark so far. You know those moments in which you find yourself going from one topic to the other , effortlessly, thinking “wow, we like the same things! how fucking cool is that!”? Well, it was exactly like that. It just flowed.

Halfway through our conversation though, her very hungover friend showed up (Liv had been waiting for her) and brought everything to an abrupt end. A real shame. Liv introduced me to her friend, who told us she had been at her younger sister’s housewarming party the night before and had drank way too much alcohol in an effort to keep up with the cheerful teens and now she was dying. We chatted for a bit but they left shortly after because Miss Hungover needed some fresh air. Liv and I said goodbye and we both agreed it had been a real pleasure to chat but, for some stupid reason, I didn’t make a move. I should have asked her out, try to get her phone number, something! I’m not saying there was any kind of flirt involved, I’m not even saying that she was interested beyond this casual conversation, but just the fact that this exchange happened in plain daylight, with no alcohol involved, on Danish soil, is a remarkable indication of her character. I just found her very interesting and instead of suggesting we meet up again,  I just sat there, half playing it cool and half not knowing exactly what to say, managing only to sputter a very lame “maybe I’ll see you around sometime” before she left. “Maybe”, she said with a smile and then disappeared.

Now, Copenhagen is small but not that small. What are the odds of running into this girl again? It’s just not gonna happen. “Maybe I’ll see you around sometime”… Jeez, what a fucking moron.

* * * *

Went with Carlos to a place called Sporvejen for lunch today, good stuff. Fantastic burgers and even better staff serving the tables, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of beautiful women, here’s Annie Clark. I miss the distorted guitars, the messy solos and the pick scrapes but apart from that, this version of “Marrow” (skip to 8m24s)  is pretty good.

PS: I still like the ACL version better, though.

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