March 15

Today, a random stranger googled my housemate’s name, found one of his friends’ phone number online, called her up, asked her my housemate’s phone number and gave him a call, just to let him know that he had found my wallet, which I somehow managed to drop while I was cycling home this morning.

This is a fine example of a) how wonderful Denmark is in some aspects and b) how technology and a hyperconnected world is enabling people to engage and collaborate to solve problems. On the other hand, I guess it also comes to show how our personal data privacy is at risk, considering it took this random stranger less than an hour to track me down.

In any case, I’m happy the Internet was on my side this time around, it would have been an absolute pain in the arse to get all my papers again. The only downside to this happy ending is that I have no food at home, can’t be bothered to go to the supermarket and just called Domino’s to order a pizza and they told me they only accept payments by card, which I’m not allowed to make at the moment because I blocked my card when I realised I had lost my wallet.

God, I’m starving…

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