March 13

Shit, I’m finding it damn hard to keep up with this diary. The sun is out and it’s just impossible to prevent myself from going out for a drink after work, which usually results in late nights and hangovers that sabotage my journal-keeping. Not that I’m complaining, really. I wouldn’t hesitate to put this blog to death if every single day from now onwards emulate the ones we have been enjoying lately; crisp air, clear sunny skies, smiling beautiful girls gracing the streets… trust me, it’s a truly joyful experience.

The downside to all this wonderful Spring merrymaking, though, is that I’ve spent most of the time indoors, trapped in the office, looking out of the window, wishing I could just walk away from my desk and fuck off to set camp in the nearest park, an action that would carry terrible economic consequences so, instead of deliberately compromising my source of income, I just stare at clock menacingly in an effort to coerce it to tick a little bit faster. So far, this intimidation technique has proven unsuccessful but I will keep trying.

Now, here’s an odd bit: a couple of days ago, while I was on the bus on my way home, I was thinking about the imminent need to get a new second-hand bike and that led me to think about locks, and how ubiquitous keys are in our lives. I know this observation is not particularly mind-blowing but still, it struck me. Just think about it. Think about every door there is in the world. Yes, some have electronic locks but most of them are still old-school, which means they need a key to operate them. And then there are all the old school cars, bike locks, cupboards, cabinets, secret dear diaries… all in need of a unique, small security token to gain access to them.

This made me wonder, are all keys different? I might be making a complete fool out of myself by posing this potentially stupid question but really, is every single key in the world different? If so, how do they manage to create unique combinations using a very limited set of teeth on the blade? Is it possible that the key to my house also exists, let’s say, somewhere in China? Seriously, I’m gonna need to look that up and dig myself out of the ignorance shit hole I’m currently in.

In other news, this week I finished Russell Brand’s second book, which I found quite entertaining although the bits in which he reminisced about his various foursomes made me slightly jealous (I’m flesh and bones, after all). Now that I’m done with “My Booky Wook 2”, I’m moving onto a Phillip K. Dick megapack I bought from Amazon a couple of months ago and I think I will really enjoy it, his short stories are legendary and it’s time for me to finally get acquainted with his work.

Also, this week people went nuts (24 million views and counting) over that “First Kiss” video, which turned out to be an ad for Slate, a clothing company. Well, today Trudy sent me this, which I embraced with an internal childish smirk and clap of joy.

Man, I love the Internet.

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