March 2

This week I realised I might actually be getting old. I fell sick for the second time in less than a month (on this occasion, I also got fever in addition to the mandatory snot + headache + sore throat + sneezing combo) and once I recovered from that, a couple of days later, I decided to go out and celebrate my friend Carlos’ birthday with a few drinks; we had a lovely dinner with Marisa, Anastasia, Marianne and Jana on Wednesday evening and then we agreed to meet again on Friday night for warm up drinks at his dorm before going out.

It sounded like a nice plan but I somehow managed to overlook the fact that Friday was also the day in which we were planning to say goodbye to Aaron with a few drinks at work; Aaron had been working at Advance for 6 years and now that he’s moving on, the agency wanted to show its gratitude by throwing a little party. It started with beers in the office, at four in the afternoon. That continued until eight in the evening, when we decided to take the party to Ruby and switch the beers for cocktails. I had 2 glasses of champaigne and two um-based cocktails before I said goodbye to the office bunch and headed over to Carlos’ dorm. Shortly after I got there, we started playing a silly game called “Flipping Cups” in which you drink shots of beer while you try to master the art of flipping plastic cups on a table. As I played, I could feel my brain slowly melting and by the time we decided to go out, around two in the morning, my whole system was well advance in the process of shutting everything down.

We took a cab to the Meat Packing district and as we cruised along the city, my stomach started showing the first signs of rebellion against alcohol. For a moment, I seriously wondered if I was going to be able to make it to our destination without splashing everything I had ingested all over the the car’s nice leather dashboard. Surprisingly, I managed to get my shit together and we arrived to Karriere without any embarrassing incidents but I had to leave shortly after we got in because I just could feel my body rapidly falling apart and my perception dramatically getting distorted. I had been drinking for twelve hours, after all.


At work – this is how everything started…

 I walked out of the bar without saying goodbye to any of the guys, took a bus back home and just when I stepped out of it, I threw up on the street. Then I did again five minutes later. And then three more times after that, it was horrible. I spent all Saturday feeling sorry for myself but at least I managed to roll out of bed to meet Ash for a coffee in Norrebro, which was nice. I actually had tea, hoping it would make me feel better but in reality it didn’t make much of a difference; I was feeling crap before I drank it and felt crap afterwards. Got home, took a nap and then got ready to meet Carlos and the rest of the guys at Jana’s place, where she had organised a lovely dinner. I ate but decided not to drink any alcohol, which was a fantastic idea. Today, my body was very grateful for it.

After the last couple of weeks, I think it’s time for me to take it easy for a while. Fun comes at a price I’m usually pretty happy to pay but I feel like my health is starting to suffer a bit with all this crazy partying so from tomorrow onwards, I plan to be a bit more responsible with my drinking. Less quantity, less mixing, and maybe a little more sleep. I’m also going to make an effort to eat better and do some sort of physical activity other than bending my elbow, maybe tennis. We’ll see.

Oh, speaking of drinking responsibly, I finally managed to edit that episode of the GustaPOD I recorded with Nathan Cooper (Creative Director and founder of rubbishcorp) a month ago and it’s now online, in case you have a spare hour to listen to it. I had a great time talking to him and I think his music selection was very nice so, who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it.

When you’re done with that, please take the time to listen to the latest Spiritualized record. It’s really, really nice…

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